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The 2008-2009 season comes to a close

The NBA regular season is over, and once again the Charlotte Bobcats have clinched the fourth seed of the Southeast Division. The season’s 35-47 record helps to validate the careers of local sportswriters and Bob Johnson haters, Rick Bonnell and Scott Fowler (Charlotte Observer). Both predicted that the Bobcats had no chance of making it into the postseason this year and repeated that sentiment frequently. The Bobcats did give their supporters a little taste of what it’s like to watch a playoff race late in the season, but then left everyone unsatisfied.

The 2008-2009 season was certainly the best year for the team’s relevance amongst the sports world. Making headlines with personnel moves and upset wins helped the Cats appear newsworthy for the first time in franchise history. While Bobcats Baseline will surely provide deeper analysis and review of the past season, here’s a quick list of some of the important and encouraging events of this season.

• Sam Vincent Fired As Head Coach
• Larry Brown Selected As New Head Coach
• DJ Augustin Drafted (Alexis Ajinca also selected late in the first round)
• Training Camp Observed By NC Basketball Royalty (Dean Smith and Michael Jordan)
• Bobcats Trade Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley for Boris Diaw, Raja Bell, and Sean Singletary
• Juwan Howard Signed For the Season
• Cats Trade Matt Carroll for Desagana Diop
• Bobcats Defeat the Lakers in LA. . . G. Wallace Suffers Rib & Lung Injuries
• Charlotte Retains Raymond Felton Despite Trade Talks
• Bobcats Trade Adam Morrison & Shannon Brown for Vladimir Radmanovich
• Cartier Martin Signed (from D League)
• Amidst Playoff Chase, Bobcats Defeat Lakers in Charlotte
• Franchise High 35 Wins – Final Home Game (76ers)

Mathematical Elimination Approaches



On Thursday night, the Chicago Bulls beat the Philadelphia 76ers to pull into the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference.  Detroit is now .5 games behind Chicago, but maintain a solid grasp on the 8th seed with Charlotte 3 games back.  It would be hard to argue that Charlotte has a better team than Detroit, so in all fairness the Pistons should land that final Playoff slot.  Still, if things get ugly for Rasheed and the crew – the Bobcats could slip past them with four consecutive wins to close out the season.  Tonight, the Cats visit OKC aim to score a win against the Thunder before heading on to Chicago after the game.  The Chicago match-up doesn’t mean much as they’ve now widened the gap too far for the Cats to catch them. Nevertheless, Charlotte needs a win.  The final two games are on the road at New Jersey (Monday) and Orlando (Wednesday). Obviously, it’s tough to close the season on the road.  As the composition starts to take shape, it’s clear that the Playoffs aren’t impossible – only highly mathematically improbable.

Note : To those planning to watch the final games on TV, they’ll not be offered in HD. 



• Imagine a Cavs–Pistons Playoff Series where Detroit has no option but to pull AI off of the shelf to face Lebron. . .  Serious drama.

• Charlotte will finish with their best record so far – thus, creeping toward relevancy.

• The Bobcats won’t be wearing the green uniforms again this week!

• Raja Bell is getting a longer off-season that usual.

• Alexis Ajinca and Sean Singletary will return to the team this week.  Certainly, they’ve got to be elated that Sioux Falls’ D-League season is finally over.



If the Cats lose tonight or Saturday, we’ll see a lot of the bench.  Larry Brown will need to evaluate guys with a few games left to see who gets an invitation (and millions of dollars) to return to training camp next season.  Sean May and Raymond Felton are the more familiar names, but what will happen with Juwan Howard, Sean Singletary, or Cartier Martin?  Howard might be the most obvious player to resign after his solid contributions this season.

Excuses, Excuses – More From Sam Vincent


In a recent article with, Sam Vincent discussed his return to the D-League and his experience in Charlotte last season. As Bobcats fans will notice, he’s quick to deflect any responsibility for his disappointing performance.

Citing a string of injuries and a lack of offense (this time singling out Gerald Wallace), Vincent actually stated that, “we had a good season to get to 32 wins.”

Anyone at the arena last season could count on one hand the number of times Coach Vincent drew up a successful play during a timeout.

Vincent’s termination at season’s end was the best play that Charlotte ran all year.



The New Charlotte Bobcats Schedule is out and available for download

The Cat’s have a few big road trips with two stretches of 5 away games in late January and the end of February.

Next season looks to have another road-heavy schedule after the first half of the season, with 24 of the second 41 games out of Charlotte.

With 19 Back-To-Back games overall, the Sam Vincent excuses aren’t going to cut it. Larry Brown will need to have these guys in shape and you can bet he knows how to manage a roster for the demands of an NBA schedule.



Hype Dates:

• Home Opener : Miami Heat – Saturday, Nov 1

• Hornets Revenge – Nov 7

• Toronto / Denver / Utah / Orlando / Dallas – in the span of 10 days – late November

• OKC’s first matchup against the ‘Cats – Dec 3

• At Lakers – Jan 27

• At Portland (West Coast back-to-back with Greg Oden) – Jan 28

• Orlando X 2 just after the break – Feb 17, Feb 20

• Big Western Road Trip – last week of February

• Lakers – March 31

• Close the season at Orlando – April 15


The National TV Schedule has been released, as well.
Several teams do not have a nationally televised game. Charlotte is among them.

No Nat’l TV For:

Still, Memphis gets some TV time? C’mon!

Seattle, Charlotte Feels For You.


Charlotte Coliseum Marquee 2008

After all of the headlines have passed and while the new OKC NBA team is on the verge of creating a new name, the supporters of NBA Basketball in Charlotte should recognize what has happened to Seattle. We’ve been through this. Somewhere in the days following the Charlotte Hornets achievement of credibility, and several seasons after the town hosted the All-Star game, things began to sour for the franchise. The Hornets’ owner was despised and refused to sell his franchise to any locals. It was made clear that our NBA team was only in town to serve as profit for the owners. Nothing more, nothing less. Does that sound familiar Seattle?
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Fair Jordan Faces Upset


It’s not looking good for our favorite in the 2008 Lady Cats Hot Shots Tournament.We knew it was going to be tough for Jordan going up against Ms. “Natural Redhead” Christina but the vote is currently at 55% to 45% so a comeback could be possible over the next 24 hours. Rest assured that I will be visiting all the Kinkos in Charlotte to cast multiple votes.Win or lose, Jordan will be hitting the clubs after the results are in. She loves the lights and night scene.To learn more about Jordan read her profile.The Charlotte Bobcats Lady Cats also have a MySpace page.