The Bobcats Superhero Treatment



Marvel and ESPN The Mag Create NBA Superheroes

If you didn’t know by now, ESPN The Magazine teamed up with a sister company (under the ABC/Disney mega-corp) to create some very cool and geeky comic book style superhero illustrations for the publication’s NBA Season Preview. There are some pretty interesting takes on the concept of blending fantastical heroes of the Marvel universe with the on-court superstars of the NBA.

Of course, our first impulse was to check out the Bobcats “cover” treatment. It’s interesting to see Air Jordan as the centerpiece, imagined as second-tier Marvel hero Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson in the Iron Man movies). While I’d like to see Gerald or Jack sketched into some turbo-intense action, it’s probably safe to say that Jordan is the most recognizable and influential figure of the organization.


You can take a look at a preview of all the team covers here. I think the Bulls, Thunder, Rockets and Nets are pretty sweet ideas. The Cavs concept is just too true.

If you’re bored of staring at your computer, you can grab the newest issue of ESPN The Magazine, featuring this NBA Geekfest on your newstands this weekend.

Michael Jordan’s Passion for Motorcycle Racing on ESPN’s E:60


From our friends at ESPN:

ESPN’s award-winning primetime newsmagazine E:60 will examine former NBA star Michael Jordan’s passion for motorcycle racing in the episode airing Tuesday, May 4, at 7 p.m. ET. In an E:60 exclusive, Jordan talks with ESPN’s Hannah Storm and grants unprecedented access to a side of him few have ever seen.

Two weeks before the deal was completed that made Jordan the majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats, another ownership dream for the 47-year-old was realized; one unrelated to basketball. At Daytona International Speedway, Jordan earned his first win as a team owner on the American Motorcycle Association’s premier Superbike circuit.

In 2004, less than a year after playing his final NBA game, Jordan formed Michael Jordan Motorsports. Now in his sixth season of Superbike competition, the top motorcycle road-racing class in the US, Jordan’s persistence, commitment, and competitive drive has led the team to the top spot on the podium.

Jordan’s obsession with motorcycles extends beyond the owner’s box. He’s also a passionate rider. After retiring from the NBA in 2003, free from NBA contract restrictions that prohibited him from riding, Jordan had an encounter a gas station in a local Chicago neighborhood that changed everything. Shortly thereafter, he was riding fearlessly through the streets of Chicago, at death-defying speeds. Some excerpt quotes:

Hannah Storm – How long did you think it would take to get your first win?
Michael Jordan – Knowing me, I wanted to win the first year. But I knew, mechanically I didn’t have the right equipment to win, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hope for some type of win. I want to say that I committed my time and my energy into this sport and I want to be able to win a championship at the highest level. You know, where I’m competing against the Suzukis, the Yamahas, all the other different manufacturers.

Storm – When you were riding through the streets of Chicago at night …what was that like?

Jordan – Well at first it was scary because I probably was doing some things that I probably shouldn’t have been doing in terms of speed. It was fun. It was exhilarating obviously. At certain times, some of the speeds that I was going on the streets that I was going, they were not quite safe. I think on one straightaway we got up to like 157, which, now thinking about it, I must have been nuts.

ESPN’s E:60, which launched in October 2007, combines investigative reporting, in-depth profiles of intriguing sports personalities and features on emerging star athletes. These stories are presented in a fresh and innovative format that incorporates producer/correspondent meetings.


Gerald Wallace Gains Respect and Recognition


The Basketball Media Has Discovered Gerald Wallace


For over five years, the Bobcats faithful have watched Gerald Wallace throw his body across the court, attempting to make the effort plays that few are willing to risk.  Anyone that’s ever played basketball understands how hard it is to run end-to-end on every play.  Imagine sprinting, leaping, sliding, diving and picking yourself up to do it all over again for the length of an NBA game.  Wallace’s athletic abilities should catch any basketball fan’s attention, but the effort he exhibits each game is hard not to admire.  “Crash” is finally starting to build a following outside of the small Bobcats cult.  This past week we’ve seen several major sports news outlets share some love for Gerald and his impressive play this season.

NBA Fanhouse’s Tim Povtak has helped to spread the word about #3 with an article about the small-forward’s uncanny rebounding streak.

“Gerald Wallace doesn’t see this as unusual. He just sees it as a necessity for the Charlotte Bobcats.
Wallace, 6-7, 215 pounds, is bidding to become the smallest rebounding champion in NBA history, an athletic small forward who has ventured into the land of the giants.”

“Gerald Wallace doesn’t see this as unusual. He just sees it as a necessity for the Charlotte Bobcats.

Wallace, 6-7, 215 pounds, is bidding to become the smallest rebounding champion in NBA history, an athletic small forward who has ventured into the land of the giants.”

More good vibes followed from Sekou Smith of

“Charlotte small forward Gerald Wallace plays with a relentless force that cannot be matched by any of his peers. He’s not celebrated the way he should be. And Hang Time’s here to change that today.

We don’t need a straw poll, secret ballots or any other of clandestine method to determine the hardest working man in basketball.” has another bit of praise from Matt Moore (of the True Hoop Network, not the Carolina Panthers)

“I’m not going to sit here and say with 100 percent certainty, “Gerald Wallace is a robot sent from the future to save mankind from opposing teams’ offenses.” I’m just saying I would be very interested to see the results of an X-ray. I’m beginning to think his missing time for a collapsed lung was just factory maintenance.”

Ultimately, we don’t know what it will take for Wallace to become an All-Star.  For three seasons, he’s been the most exciting and visible member of the Bobcats. Still, there’s just about zero chance that the fans will vote Gerald into the game as a starter.  Can the coaches (who vote for reserves) find a better option than a player that sacrifices himself on the court, continually improves each year, and won’t let bumps, bruises, tweaked knees, dislocated shoulders, concussions, or a collapsed lung keep him on the bench?

Oddly, each off-season we hear rumblings about possible trades that will dump Gerald’s contract.  It’s been hard to believe some of those trade rumors we’ve read from “insiders” over the years. There are plenty of bad contracts in the NBA, and Wallace is as good of a value as you’ll find in any pro league.  Earlier this season, when the Cats were scoring 30 pts. a half, I felt horrible for Gerald.  As much as I follow the Bobcats, I couldn’t help but think that Crash deserved more.  Finally, Charlotte has found their identity and begun to show consistent success.  Despite their early failures, Wallace never gave up.  Now, try to imagine the way Carmelo Anthony, Tracy McGrady, or Joe Johnson would conduct themselves on a team doing as bad as the Bobcats were in October/November.  The Bobcats have a gem in Wallace and if he does receive a spot on the Eastern Conference All-Star squad, those trade rumors will likely settle down this off-season.


Bobcats Preseason Update


Preseason Updates

Several events to recap for the Bobcats this week.  Looking past the Season Tickets Embarrassment and the trade speculation, here’s what did happen.



The Bobcats kept their losing streak alive with a 10 point loss to the Orlando Magic on Thursday morning.  From the looks of it, the team really didn’t use any starters in the last stretch of the fourth quarter.  Larry Brown was probably using the opportunity to evaluate the roster (and see if any of the scrubs had learned anything this preseason).  Gerald Wallace played well, but left with a back injury.  We’ll have to get an update on the extent of that.  Also, it looks like Sean May put forth a “well-rounded” effort with field goals all over of the place and 6 rebounds.  Let’s hope he gets in shape for the season.



The Bobcats signed a free agent Forward-Center that was off of everyone’s radar – Justin Williams.  He’s young and maybe just a bit too good for the D-League.  We’ll see if he’s just a practice squad body to push Sean May and Andre Brown or if he’s worth a roster spot.  More on Williams.



Charlotte cut free agents Donell Taylor and Marcus Williams.  These guys were brought in as long shots to make the squad.  I’m sure they learned a bit and kept in good basketball shape while in training camp.  Both can go on in life to talk about how they were coached by Larry Brown and were watched by Dean Smith, Roy Williams, and Michael Jordan.  Surely, that’s some consolation.



Also,’s John Hollinger has a little bit of speculation about the potential of the Bobcats for the upcoming season. . . it has a lot to do with Sean May.  Read it here.