Morrison Flips Out, Shaves Head


The Charlotte Observer is abuzz about Adam Morrison’s new do. There are already several new nicknames floating around for Ammo. Let me know if I missed any…

Stink Bug

From Larry Brown
Brown’s teenage son had scrappy hair. Apparently a stink bug got caught in it and he got it cut off. These kids today…

Kung-Fu Villain

From an Observer reader
I like this one a lot. I hope Adam delivers a zen-evil 3pt percentage to the court this season.

Linton Johnson

From Assistant Coach Jeff Capel
Apparently Jeff glanced at Morrison and thought it was new addition Linton Johnson..who is black.

The Cable Guy

From Jared Dudley
Referring to a slight resemblence to Jim Carey.

Samson (from the Bible)

From Scott Fowler
Actually, Scott said “This isn’t like Samson from the Bible; Morrison had already lost much of his power before he cut his hair.”

The best critic has to be Sean “Hamburglar” May,

“I told him now he’s got to get rid of that nasty mustache,” said teammate Sean May. “Then he’s ready to go.’

Hey Sean, we’re not worried about the ‘stache…why don’t you by get rid of that nasty gut so you can play defense.