JRICH Scores 21pts in PHX debut


JRICH Debut in PHX

Jason Richardson serenaded a previously apathetic crowd in his Phoenix debut Friday night, scoring 21pts on 8-16 shooting in a win over Orlando.  The local announcers were worshipping at the temple of JRICH even before the game started and by the time the game was over they were marveling at what possibilities thier new upgrade might bring.  The receiver of the biggest upgrade though, has to be Richardson himself.  There were passes from Steve Nash and Barbosa that must have had the former Bobcat thinking to himself, “Wait, its that easy?  You just penetrate, move the ball around and get open looks?”

No doubt Richardson will do well in his role as the team’s 3rd option- -a role he seems tailor-made for.  Best Baseline wishes to JRICH and the Suns.


How to Cope with the Loss


Losing J Rich isn't easy

Sure, Bobcats fans know plenty about losing. It’s almost some sort of masochism to be a Bobcats fan. To understand that the good teams win and bad teams lose, is fundamental. Yet, Cats fans still tune in or hustle down to the arena to see their team prove that they are not a good team. Over the franchise’s brief history, Bobcats followers and fanatics have learned to accept losses on the court.

With the latest trade of Jason Richardson, the fans suffered a new feeling of loss. J Rich was a quality player and the fans of this team had not experienced anything like this with the Bobcats before. His departure is our loss (and his gain). Now, we have to move on. While we can’t forget the past, it’s time to begin the healing process.

Step 1.
Put together the Grieving Playlist : Track 1 should be Boyz II Men‘s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” Make sure to purchase the reissue of Cooleyhighharmony, so that you can also listen to “End of the Road.”  If you’re coming to grips with things, it might be nice to get nostalgic with Springsteen’s “Glory Days.”  Don’t even try it if you’re not ready, though.  Throw in “Mo Money Mo Problems” to understand the motivation behind all of this, and you’re inching toward mental health.  Finally, your mix should end with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Crossroads.”  Actually, watching the video will help you accept that some things are beyond your mortal grasp.

Step 2

Don’t let Sean May convince you that eating will solve this.  Sure, Bobcats fans are upset over the trade. But, you can’t chew away the pain.  Even if it is delicious crab bread. It’s time to reach out to others that have experienced the same loss and lean on them for support.

Step 3

Donate your J Rich Nascar Night Jersey to the local Goodwill.  Forget how much you enjoyed alley oops, fade-away three pointers, insane dunks and fast breaks.  The new Bobcats are going to be like a fundamental machine.  Combined, they’ll operate like a Voltron Tim Duncan.

STATE OF THE ROSTER: Post JRICH Trade 12/10/08


Phoenix Suns


There are a couple of ways of looking at this trade.  Let’s start with the negative…

1. The Bobcats trade their most recognizable and most offensively explosive player to the Phoenix Suns for two rotation players.  They didn’t get Steve Nash, nor Amare Stoudamire, nor Barbosa, nor Shaq, nor did they receive any draft picks or significant cap space.  They got a sometimes productive starting power forward in Boris Diaw and an aging defensive ace SG in Raja Bell.  And to top it all off, they have to send the Suns a 2nd round draft pick and include everyone’s favorite “Hustle Stats” hero in Jared Dudley.  Diaw has battled conditioning problems over the past few seasons and has regressed mightily since his Most Improved Player award in ’05.  The good news is is that Sean May now has an “Eatin’ Buddy” and (being French) Diaw can now instruct young, emaciated PF Alexis Ajinca in the fine art of American Obesity.  “First you must layer ze mayonaise gently on ze baguette.  Zen you add ze lump crab meat.  Voila!  Zat is what makes le magnifique Crab Bread!”

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Bobcats sell 23JRich.com in GoDaddy Auction



The Bobcats decided to offload their largest liability today, 23JRich.com: The Official Website of Jason Richardson. The website hasn’t been updated since the 2007-08 season and still has a link to last year’s All-Star Voting Ballot.

The highest bidder acquired the domain name in exchange for JRich’s remaining NBA contract and a frumpy dude.

The Bobcats get a massive upgrade to their player web page portfolio:

All-in-all the Charlotte Bobcats get a great deal with this exchange. JRich just wasn’t getting it done with his infrequent website updates and lack of depth in Adobe Flash.



David Aldridge on Suns/Bobcats Trade

In his analysis of the Jason Richardson trade, NBA.com’s David Aldridge writes:

“The Bobcats are playing much better this season under Brown, in his first year with his latest team. But Brown, as ever, has been unhappy with his team’s defense and is looking to add a true center up front so current center Emeka Okafor can move to power forward.

Charlotte, a source said, will be addressing that in the next few days, using forward Gerald Wallace as bait in order to secure a starting center.”

Read the story here.





UPDATED 12/10 10:38pm

The Bobcats traded Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley to the Phoenix Suns today for Boris Diaw, Raja Bell and rookie PG Sean Singletary.

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What does this mean for the Bobcats?  More to come from Bobcats Baseline…