Party City Donates Lady Cats’ Costumes


It appears that Party City donated all of their leftover “sexy costumes” to the Lady Cats. The  photos popped up on and Facebook last night.  I believe the donation occurred on November 1 and Brandii McCoy promptly organized a photoshoot.

The outfits are an exceptional sampling of the most predictable women’s costumes of the past decade. Here is a countdown:

5. The Sexy Vampire

Brittany is really “owning” this shot by extending her arm so far that it shows her double-jointedness. Also, the use of a “Bump-it” under the bangs is a nice touch.

4. Sexy ‘Risky Business’ Outfit

Is this really a costume?? It was my understanding that women dress like this around their homes throughout the year.

3. Sexy Playboy Bunny

Kudos to Amber for taking this shot from behind. It wasn’t clear how sexy this costume was but once you see the sexy bunny tail, there is no question.

2. Sexy Cop

I’m kinda confused by the use of pink in the cop outfit and the tan is technically the color of a Highway Patrol uniform. Nevertheless, Ashley is employing the use of a “visual metaphor” by holding a nightstick.

1. Sexy French Maid

Tia and Dawn both went for the #1 sexy costume of the past decade: the super-innovative sexy French Maid outfit.

This duplicative costume leads me to beleive that each LadyCat was responsible for her own costume. Why didn’t Tia and Dawn correspond via text messaging?

Which one of these awesome costumes is your fave?

I personally think that the Lady Cats should’ve all dressed as the Charlotte Sting like this bro…

Lady Cats Rehearse New Move


get it gurl

The Lady Cats plan on rolling out their new “O-no-you-di’ent” face tonight during the Bobcats vs. Clippers game. Under the direction of Brandii McCoy, the Lady Cats have been practicing this new move for months.

“We were debating on whether to bust-a-move with our “U-know-dat’s-right” look that we started rehearsing in December but we it’s just too early” said McCoy.

On another note, it is rumored that Vladimir Radmanovic will debut “Blue Steel” during his first free throw as a Bobcat.

Fair Jordan Faces Upset


It’s not looking good for our favorite in the 2008 Lady Cats Hot Shots Tournament.We knew it was going to be tough for Jordan going up against Ms. “Natural Redhead” Christina but the vote is currently at 55% to 45% so a comeback could be possible over the next 24 hours. Rest assured that I will be visiting all the Kinkos in Charlotte to cast multiple votes.Win or lose, Jordan will be hitting the clubs after the results are in. She loves the lights and night scene.To learn more about Jordan read her profile.The Charlotte Bobcats Lady Cats also have a MySpace page.