All-Star Saturday Wrap-Up

Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Slam Dunk Contest

Along with former Bobcats Shannon Brown, Gerald Wallace was eliminated in the first round of the least memorable Slam Dunk Contest in years on Saturday night.  After a missed attempt, Gerald threw down a two-handed, double-pump reverse jam for his first dunk, garnering a 38 from the judges.  On his Flip Murray-assisted second dunk, Gerald again missed his first attempt.  On a second try, Gerald took a bounce pass from Flip while flying from right to left underneath the basket, eventually throwing it down one-handed.  That one got a 40 and ended Gerald’s night.  Oh well, here’s a nice profile on Gerald from the Observer’s Scott Fowler anyways.

Nate Robinson and DeMar DeRozan went on to the finals, where Nate finally finished off the yawnfest with a “pretty great for a little guy” reverse jam after a toss off the backboard.  Good for Nate, as it’s a record-setting third Slam Dunk Championship for him; but unfortunately Charles Barkley stole the show with his sarcastic “maybe no one will win” comment while they were waiting for the internet votes to be tabulated.  Good luck to the league as they will undoubtedly be looking into ways to spice up the Dunk Contest next year (if they don’t kill it off altogether).


Taking Care of Business

Two interesting stories that concern the Bobcats emerged from David Stern’s media availability.  First and foremost, Stern confirmed that the Bobcats sale will most likely go through within the next sixty days.  It’s been reported in the past that former Houston Rockets president George Postolos is leading a group that has made a respectable offer; it’s also known that current minority owner Michael Jordan has some kind of right to match any offer.  What isn’t known at this point is whether or not Jordan is rounding up the partners to match said offer.  He probably is — at the craps table at Atlantis.

The other interesting story is the ongoing quest by the NBA and the Players Union to come up with another Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Stern projects almost $400 million in losses league-wide this year, which does not bode well for the players as the current CBA has less than a year to go.  One thing that would help the Bobcats (and other small-market teams) in the new CBA would be some kind of revenue-sharing agreement, and both Stern and players’ rep Billy Hunter have mentioned strengthened revenue-sharing as a likely component of the next CBA.  Donald Sterling cannot be pleased.

Trade Rumors

The Wizards have finally begun their demolition, dealing Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood to Dallas for Josh Howard + flotsam + jetsam.  This should start to loosen everyone else up, and things will likely be fast and furious on the transaction front between now and Thursday’s trade deadline.  The next piece to fall into place may be Amare Stoudemire to the Cavs.

The Bobcats are almost certainly still on the lookout for a power forward, with DJ being the likely bait.  I haven’t seen any new published rumors, except for the tidbit that the Cats rejected the Wizards offer of Andray Blatche for DJ.  Easy call, we’re looking for someone that will help us in the playoffs this year, not a young guy who still has a ways to go.

All-Star Game

The big game is at 7PM ET on TNT, live from Cowboys Stadium.  I’ll be tweeting as Gerald Wallace will become the first Bobcat to play in an All-Star game, and we’ll be back with some postgame thoughts either later tonight or tomorrow morning.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Baseliners.

-Dr. E

Gerald Wallace Slam Dunk Contest Ideas



Brainstorming Ways That Gerald Can Walk Away With The Slam Dunk Trophy

It’s just been reported that Spud Webb will participate as a judge in the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest on Saturday, Feb 13th. Webb is known to be quite friendly with reigning champ, and contestant Nate Robinson.  In order to unseat Nate, Gerald Wallace is going to have to pull out some pretty remarkable dunks.

UPDATE: It looks like Flip Murray is going to Dallas to help Gerald with the Dunk Contest. It’s going to be interesting to see what they pull off.

Here are a few of our initial ideas on what Crash might do when given the opportunity to showcase what he’s got. Of course, every great dunk gets a sweet name. Let us know if you have any other dunk ideas in mind.

Big Tex

DUNK #1. “The Dallas State Fair”

It’s pretty simple – Gerald will bring out “Big Tex” from the State Fair of Texas, and dunk over him, clearing his cowboy hat.

DUNK #2. “First In Flight”

In this one, Gerald would pull out his mouth-piece and put a healthy serving of NC BBQ inside. Then as he runs from half-court , he would shake a full bottle of Texas Pete sauce all over the BBQ and put the mouthpiece in as he leaps from the foul-line. After slamming the ball through the rim, the judges would realize that a miniature model ship had been placed inside the Texas Pete bottle.

DUNK #3. “Pistolas”

For this dunk, Crash will hold a Texas beer can in each hand ( Shiner & Lone Star).  Stephen Jackson will lob the ball toward the goal, while Gerald pounds the beers and twirls the bottles into holsters on each hip as he leaps for a reverse jam. As he lands back onto the court, he’ll have already pulled the beers back out of the holsters in time to stop Stephen Jackson from punching a fan in the second row.

DUNK #4. “T. Boone Pickens Windmill Jam”

Gerald nearly gave this away during a game against the Kings earlier this season, but this dunk will be a windmill jam that creates such a furious gust that it will power the entire arena – yes the turbo-huge Texas Stadium.

DUNK #5.  “Texas Two-Step”

This is one that I’m certain we’ll see. To start, Gerald will lead a group of line-dancers in a fast-paced routine, but eventually the line stands side-by-side from the baseline to the top of the key. With spurs on his heels, Crash will then leap over all of the line dancers for the slam. The NBA will finally allow spurs after seeing this display.