The New Charlotte Bobcats Schedule is out and available for download

The Cat’s have a few big road trips with two stretches of 5 away games in late January and the end of February.

Next season looks to have another road-heavy schedule after the first half of the season, with 24 of the second 41 games out of Charlotte.

With 19 Back-To-Back games overall, the Sam Vincent excuses aren’t going to cut it. Larry Brown will need to have these guys in shape and you can bet he knows how to manage a roster for the demands of an NBA schedule.



Hype Dates:

• Home Opener : Miami Heat – Saturday, Nov 1

• Hornets Revenge – Nov 7

• Toronto / Denver / Utah / Orlando / Dallas – in the span of 10 days – late November

• OKC’s first matchup against the ‘Cats – Dec 3

• At Lakers – Jan 27

• At Portland (West Coast back-to-back with Greg Oden) – Jan 28

• Orlando X 2 just after the break – Feb 17, Feb 20

• Big Western Road Trip – last week of February

• Lakers – March 31

• Close the season at Orlando – April 15


The National TV Schedule has been released, as well.
Several teams do not have a nationally televised game. Charlotte is among them.

No Nat’l TV For:

Still, Memphis gets some TV time? C’mon!