Mathematical Elimination Approaches



On Thursday night, the Chicago Bulls beat the Philadelphia 76ers to pull into the 7th spot in the Eastern Conference.  Detroit is now .5 games behind Chicago, but maintain a solid grasp on the 8th seed with Charlotte 3 games back.  It would be hard to argue that Charlotte has a better team than Detroit, so in all fairness the Pistons should land that final Playoff slot.  Still, if things get ugly for Rasheed and the crew – the Bobcats could slip past them with four consecutive wins to close out the season.  Tonight, the Cats visit OKC aim to score a win against the Thunder before heading on to Chicago after the game.  The Chicago match-up doesn’t mean much as they’ve now widened the gap too far for the Cats to catch them. Nevertheless, Charlotte needs a win.  The final two games are on the road at New Jersey (Monday) and Orlando (Wednesday). Obviously, it’s tough to close the season on the road.  As the composition starts to take shape, it’s clear that the Playoffs aren’t impossible – only highly mathematically improbable.

Note : To those planning to watch the final games on TV, they’ll not be offered in HD. 



• Imagine a Cavs–Pistons Playoff Series where Detroit has no option but to pull AI off of the shelf to face Lebron. . .  Serious drama.

• Charlotte will finish with their best record so far – thus, creeping toward relevancy.

• The Bobcats won’t be wearing the green uniforms again this week!

• Raja Bell is getting a longer off-season that usual.

• Alexis Ajinca and Sean Singletary will return to the team this week.  Certainly, they’ve got to be elated that Sioux Falls’ D-League season is finally over.



If the Cats lose tonight or Saturday, we’ll see a lot of the bench.  Larry Brown will need to evaluate guys with a few games left to see who gets an invitation (and millions of dollars) to return to training camp next season.  Sean May and Raymond Felton are the more familiar names, but what will happen with Juwan Howard, Sean Singletary, or Cartier Martin?  Howard might be the most obvious player to resign after his solid contributions this season.

Basketball Karma?


Basketball Karma Affects the LA Lakers

Karma is action, and Vipaka, fruit or result, is its reaction.  Within four days, quite a bit happened.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Bynum just received word that his knee injury will keep him out for over two months.  Andrew Bynum was hugely responsible for sending Gerald Wallace to the hospital for the majority of last week, so it’s going to be tough to feel bad for the guy.  Bynum’s injury occurred when Kobe Bryant crashed into him after a driving miss against Memphis on Saturday night.  From the video, it appears that Bynum failed to react before Bryant came down into his leg.  He was simply in the wrong spot at the wrong time.  Was this some type of universal calibration of the basketball world back into balance?

As an NBA fan, it’s not good to see anyone get hurt.  So, let’s just hope Gerald Wallace returns to form and Bynum can bounce back by the end of the season, as well.

Phil Jackson should understand and accept the universe at work with his roster.  Perhaps, there are only so many championship rings one can carry with them along the journey of life.  It appeared during pre-game warmups that Bynum had worked out the hitch in his Ch’i and the injury was mostly due to the misalignment of Kobe Bryant’s chakras while going to the hoop.  Although, Jackson was unavailable for comment, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama responded via text message that “a quality Center is necessary to the two concurrent triangles that exist in LA’s version of the Triangle Offense.”* Gerald Wallace’s absence nearly eliminates the Bobcat’s hopes of a Playoff berth, but the Lakers will desperately need Bynum back if they want to contend for another NBA Title.

*Not at all factual


How to Cope with the Loss


Losing J Rich isn't easy

Sure, Bobcats fans know plenty about losing. It’s almost some sort of masochism to be a Bobcats fan. To understand that the good teams win and bad teams lose, is fundamental. Yet, Cats fans still tune in or hustle down to the arena to see their team prove that they are not a good team. Over the franchise’s brief history, Bobcats followers and fanatics have learned to accept losses on the court.

With the latest trade of Jason Richardson, the fans suffered a new feeling of loss. J Rich was a quality player and the fans of this team had not experienced anything like this with the Bobcats before. His departure is our loss (and his gain). Now, we have to move on. While we can’t forget the past, it’s time to begin the healing process.

Step 1.
Put together the Grieving Playlist : Track 1 should be Boyz II Men‘s “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.” Make sure to purchase the reissue of Cooleyhighharmony, so that you can also listen to “End of the Road.”  If you’re coming to grips with things, it might be nice to get nostalgic with Springsteen’s “Glory Days.”  Don’t even try it if you’re not ready, though.  Throw in “Mo Money Mo Problems” to understand the motivation behind all of this, and you’re inching toward mental health.  Finally, your mix should end with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s “Crossroads.”  Actually, watching the video will help you accept that some things are beyond your mortal grasp.

Step 2

Don’t let Sean May convince you that eating will solve this.  Sure, Bobcats fans are upset over the trade. But, you can’t chew away the pain.  Even if it is delicious crab bread. It’s time to reach out to others that have experienced the same loss and lean on them for support.

Step 3

Donate your J Rich Nascar Night Jersey to the local Goodwill.  Forget how much you enjoyed alley oops, fade-away three pointers, insane dunks and fast breaks.  The new Bobcats are going to be like a fundamental machine.  Combined, they’ll operate like a Voltron Tim Duncan.

Seattle, Charlotte Feels For You.


Charlotte Coliseum Marquee 2008

After all of the headlines have passed and while the new OKC NBA team is on the verge of creating a new name, the supporters of NBA Basketball in Charlotte should recognize what has happened to Seattle. We’ve been through this. Somewhere in the days following the Charlotte Hornets achievement of credibility, and several seasons after the town hosted the All-Star game, things began to sour for the franchise. The Hornets’ owner was despised and refused to sell his franchise to any locals. It was made clear that our NBA team was only in town to serve as profit for the owners. Nothing more, nothing less. Does that sound familiar Seattle?
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Pritchslapped?, Free Agent News, and Vegas, Baby!


Apologies for the lack of posting from me in recent days. I’ve been completely consumed by a relocation — back to the Charlotte area! Anyways, poor timing for such an interruption, as there has been an abundance of Bobcats news in the past couple of days. Let’s recap with links and comments.

  • First, as this story is now almost a week old, is a must-read link from the excellent Portland Trailblazers blog, Blazer’s Edge. Here is the original post, as well as the follow-up. Essentially, the story goes like this: on draft night, a rumor was started, and actually posted on Blazer’s Edge, that Charlotte had picked DJ Augustin for the Blazers. The Blazers would have sent back the #13 pick, Jarrett Jack and likely another young player. Now this isn’t some off-the-wall rumor site. Blazer’s Edge was ensconsed with all of the other Portland media covering the Blazers draft and many outlets were running with the rumor (thought it’s unclear exactly how it got started). Blazer’s Edge was apparently the only outlet to actually post it online before the actual Portland trade was confirmed (sending the #13 pick, Brandon Rush, and Josh McRoberts to Indiana for the #11 pick, Jerryd Bayless). This has led to some speculation that the Blazers’ wunderkind GM, Kevin Pritchard, was stringing Charlotte along by floating the possibility of a trade for Augustin, when he really was targeting Bayless all along. See, allowing Bayless to slip to Indiana at #11 means he has to give up less from his own roster than if he were to have to trade with the Bobcats at #9. Blazer’s Edge contends that this would amount to a “Pritchslap”. Awfully diabolical, great fun to blog about, but ultimately way too complicated to have actually taken place. I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but I just can’t imagine Pritchard would employ such a convoluted scheme and risk pissing off his old college coach, Larry Brown, just to avoid giving up an extra player in a deal.
  • One piece to the above puzzle that Blazer’s Edge offers in support of the “Pritchslap” theory is that Augustin just doesn’t make any sense for the Bobcats (hence he must have been picked with a potential trade in mind, right?). In the hours and days following the draft, I was inclined to believe the same thing. As a Raymond Felton supporter/apologist, I feel that he has earned the right to be the starting PG this season and will have a great opportunity to raise his game to the next level under Larry Brown. So why bring in competition? And if Augustin is meant to be a backup, then isn’t #9 a bit too high to be picking a backup? Shouldn’t you be going for a guy with potential to be a star? Upon further consideration, though, I’ve changed my tune. I’ve come to believe that there were really only a couple of players that fit the Bobcats’ need for a power forward in this year’s draft: Michael Beasley (no way we could have moved up high enough to get him) and Kevin Love (ditto, plus he duplicates Sean May’s skill set a little too closely). With both of those guys long gone by #9, the Bobcats’ front office simply turned their attention to our other position of need, backup PG. Even if #9 seems a bit high for taking a guy you intend to use as a backup, it’s not a terrible strategy. Just conservative and boring.
  • On the free agent front: Bonnell reports that the Bobcats had some interest in DeSagana Diop; however, the Mavs have already taken him off the market. Meanwhile, is reporting that the team has picked up next year’s option on Jermareo Davidson (sure to make my colleagues here at the Baseline happy) and that offers have been extended to restricted free agents Emeka Okafor and Ryan Hollins, thereby opening negotiations with both. Obviously, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the Okafor negotiations. After the Clippers big spree (congrats to Clippers fans, by the way — that’s exciting) only the Warriors, Grizzlies and Sixers have significant cap space. Might the Grizzlies be interested in Okafor? Or will his decision to spurn the team’s offer of an extension last summer come back to bite him in the wallet? Here’s hoping that we can get him signed without things getting contentious.
  • After doing Summer League in Salt Lake City last year (and Orlando before that, right?) the Bobcats will join most of the rest of the NBA in Las Vegas for Summer League ’08. Play begins next Friday, July 11, but the Bobcats won’t take the court until Saturday the 12th against the Clippers.
  • The Bobcats’ Summer League roster hasn’t been announced/released yet as of this writing. Obviously, Augustin, Ajinca and Weaver will be there. It would be reasonable to expect that Jermareo Davidson will be as well. Much more interesting is that Bonnell is reporting that Raymond Felton, Gerald Wallace, and Jason Richardson will all be present in Vegas as well. None are expected to take the court for the official games, but all are said to be looking to participate in practices and drills with the new coaching staff. Nothing like getting in good with the new boss, right? I’d love to be a fly on the wall at practice if Raymond Felton has a chance to go at DJ Augustin. Whatever the intentions of the front office were with the Augustin pick, Felton has to be itching for a chance to establish alpha male status in the backcourt.
  • A separate report reveals that Sean May will also join the team in Las Vegas next week. The great news is that he has been cleared medically for basketball activity; the bad news is that he is still experiencing some pain in the knee. Like the other veterans, May plans to only participate in drills, as opposed to playing in the games: “after eight months, I’m not going to just jump out here, get it all back in one day.” The buffet at Mandalay is also hoping that May doesn’t try to just jump out there and get it all back in one day. Sorry, had to. I’ll get out of here on that one…


Pick No. 20 – WTF?


Freedom Fries

There will be plenty of message board rants going around about how a list of probable talents were available when the Charlotte Bobcats selected the 20th pick of the draft. Most will make noise about how the team overlooked some of the more well-known players available (Chalmers / Jordan ). NBA execs don’t really listen to those rants. NBA execs don’t seem to listen to the supposed “draft experts”. NBA execs usually do what they want to do and the fans are lucky if everyone is on the same page.

The Bobcats pulled out a strange book and shared an odd passage for us on Thursday night. Had any of the experts predicted that Larry Brown or Jordan were all that interested in a foreign Center? Did any local media cover how much the Bobcats needed another “Ryan Hollins-like” big man? Were any of the fans begging for the Bobcats to trade for a late first-round pick to nab up a guy that averages 5 pts in the French league?

The selection of Alexis Ajinca was strange. Still, one must commend him for appearing at the draft and walking across the stage. His workout must have really impressed Larry Brown. Otherwise, he might have been a backup plan with Roy Hibbert already off of the board. As no one has seen Ajinca’s game, the excitement lies in the 7′, 220lb, 20 yr old potential.



Ninth Pick

“With the Ninth overall selection in the Two-Thousand Eight NBA Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats. . . ”

Well, what exactly happens won’t be known until a week from now. We can narrow down a few options, though.

Option A: The Bobcats select an inexperienced big man that they draft entirely on potential, but have not seen in personal workouts ( / Charlotte Observer). None of these guys have a recognizable name, so there’s no simple choice.

Option B: Charlotte drafts a point guard that may or may not fit their new system (Augustin/Westbrook/Bayless)

Option C: The ‘Cats make a big trade for a veteran talent.

Option D: Jordan and the crew choose to move down in the draft and make an exchange with a team for a player with a cap relief contract or position themselves for a move later in the off-season.
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