Magic at Bobcats – Game 4 Preview


Will Game 4 Be The Last Day For Ray?

Throughout the 2009-2010 NBA Season, Raymond Felton was setting the table to make things easy for his agent this off-season. Raymond will be an unrestricted free agent, and had played the best basketball of his career. His team had excelled defensively, hit a franchise wins record, and landed their first trip to the Playoffs. Then, he started to make his agent (and Bobcats fans) a little nervous.

Things looked great for Felton until Game 1 versus the Orlando Magic. Jameer Nelson has spent the series shredding the Bobcats and making Felton look horribly outmatched. If the Bobcats are eliminated in Game 4 this evening, the team will likely look to make a few significant roster adjustments. ┬áThe decision regarding Felton’s free agency status should be the first order of business. And at this stage, it seems as though Charlotte would be better off to look elsewhere for their future starting point guard.

Also, let’s not forget that Game 4 might be the last chance that Charlotte fans have to boo, taunt, and berate J.J. Redick this year.

Go Cats!


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