Charlotte Bobcats Christmas Wishlist


Bobcats Fans Wishlist


The Charlotte Bobcats Fans’ Wishlist:

Wish #1: The Bobcats will soon find their identity as a team.

Wish #2: Win games on the road

Wish #3: Win games at home

Wish #4: Season Ticket Books that resemble the quality of other NBA season tickets.

Wish #5: Less Racists on the Charlotte Observer’s NBA blog comments

Wish #6: Gerald Wallace will stay through the end of his contract

Wish #7: Season Ticket Packages won’t be devalued due to ridiculous ticket specials

Wish #8: Fox Sports Carolinas / SportSouth will be available in HD in Charlotte

Wish #9: An injury-free 2009 season

Wish #10: Matt Carroll and Adam Morrison will remember how to make shots

Wish #11: The Bobcats office can learn how market their team and sell tickets

Wish #12: Julius Peppers will be signed as a key reserve at Power Forward

Wish #13: The Bobcats find an All-Star or Olympian to lead the team, and its appeal to fans

Wish #14: Larry Brown will win more games that Sam Vincent (This is a real concern)

Wish #15:  Bobcats will still have the budget to play again for the 2009-2010 season.