Okafor: Soon to be signed, sealed and delivered elsewhere?



The Camby-to-the-Clippers trade a few days ago had Emeka Okafor fans in Charlotte breathing a sigh of relief. With the Clippers’ cap space now used up, they could no longer pursue restricted free agents like Josh Smith or Okafor. The thinking was that the Bobcats would be able to get Okafor signed to a multi-year deal similar to the one that he almost signed last summer.

However, ESPN’s Marc Stein reported yesterday that the latest NBA scuttlebutt is that Okafor is likely to be involved in a sign-and-trade deal sometime in the near future. Combine this with Bonnell’s recent comment that he “assumes” that there’s going to be a trade between now and the start of the season, and the evidence is starting to mount. Clearly, something is going down. Continue reading