2008 NBA Draft Running Diary: Round 2


Won’t be detailing every pick for the second round — just hitting the highlights. And click here for the First Round Running Diary if you haven’t read it yet.

Larry Brown interview. He says he’s really happy with the draft. Wouldn’t have guessed it by his tone — can someone get this guy a cup of coffee? He totally Belichecked that interview — is there some course that coaches take to learn to keep your voice that monotone and your expression that blunted? It works — it totally makes me want to turn the channel.

Joey Dorsey goes #33 to the Trailblazers. Intriguing pick, he has a chance to be a very good role player in the league. And did anyone have Dorsey going before teammate Chris Douglas-Roberts?

Mario Chalmers #34 to the Timberwolves. Wouldn’t surprise me to see him supplant Randy Foye at PG one day. Also of note, both Dorsey and Chalmers were in the stands and made their way to the stage. Neither, however, seemed to freak out Adam Silver.

And DeAndre Jordan finally goes #35 to the Clippers. Sad for him, great pickup for Clippers. Jordan is also in the stands and comes down to shake hands (three in a row — let’s keep it going!). Now he should go strangle whoever convinced him to hire an agent and stay in the draft. Enjoy the D-League next year.

The Trailblazers select Omer Asik at #36; the Bucks go with Luc Richard Mbah a Moute at #37. That leaves the Bobcats with their choice of Bill Walker, Richard Hendrix, or even Chris Douglas-Roberts at #38. And they go with Kyle Weaver. I give up. I am defeated. I am the opposite of Kevin Garnett after winning the championship right now. Nothing is possible.

Stuart Scott says that Sonny Weems (to Chicago at #39) “has some rise in his hops.”

The Nets get a nice value pick with Chris Douglas-Roberts at #40. Calipari gets interviewed about his trio of draftees, then tries to sell Doris Burke a used SUV. Not really.

Well, I just read Chad Ford’s recap of the first round and he says that the Bobcats were shopping Raymond Felton all day today. I know Felton is considered to be a mild disappointment so far in the NBA, but that’s largely because he was picked a few spots too early, and is compared to the two superstar point guards picked right ahead of him (Paul and Williams). Also, I think you really have to erase Felton’s 2007-08 season from your mind, as he got jerked around from point to shooting guard and probably suffered more than anyone from Sam Vincent’s ineptitude. I thought that Larry Brown would be perfect for Felton, and could help him reach his potential. Not so much, huh. I can’t wait until this draft is over so I can go to bed. Maybe things will seem better in the morning.

San Antonio picks Slovenian PG Goran Dragic at #45. They showed some video from what looked to be the recent Reebok camp for international players, and Dragic rips the opposing PG clean in the backcourt and finishes on him in two straight clips, first with a layup, then with a dunk. Not a good day for that other guy.

Bill Walker goes #47 to Washington. If his knees are OK, that could be a huge steal. Richard Hendrix goes #49 to Golden State. I’m afraid both of these guys will be better than Weaver.

Shan Foster goes #51 to Dallas. Stuart Scott goes on about how he looks like Usher and plays the piano. Then they show a YouTube-style clip of Foster “performing” a “song” about being drafted in his apartment, complete with cheesy Casio keyboard backing beat. And that’s the reason you watch the second round. Highlight of the night for me.

Katz with a trade: Minnesota trades Chalmers to the Heat for two future second round picks and cash. Nice pickup for the Heat. Another trade: Boston buys the rights to Bill Walker from Washington. I love Ainge’s strategy here: swing for the fences with Giddens and Walker and hope you connect on one of them.

Joe Crawford (#58 to the Lakers) was described as “a smaller Keith Bogans.” Well if that doesn’t get you excited…

And the Celtics end the draft by taking some 7-foot 21-year-old Turkish dude that we’ll never hear from again.

Thanks to ESPN for keeping the Dick Vitale drivel to a minimum tonight, and thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “2008 NBA Draft Running Diary: Round 2

  1. The Cats have to be lining up another move for the off-season. We got another hit from our ticket rep this morning, who spoke like it was an obvious fact that the team wanted to make a deal for a veteran.

    It's a tough call. I like Raymond and it would kill me to see Gerald go. The Bobcats don't have any other desirable pieces to move, though.

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