Charlotte Bobcats vs. Hawks 11/21/08


The 8-4 Hawks out-clutched the ‘Cats in Atlanta on Friday night.  Read the official recap here and the boxscore here.

1. Obviously, the biggest story for the Bobcats in this game was DJ Augustin.  The rookie started his first game as a pro and finished with 26pts and 7 assists while going 7-11 beyond the arc.  I complained earlier in the month that DJ’s “shoot first ask questions later” approach to the position was counter-intuitive to what Coach Brown wanted from his point guards.  Judging from the team’s offensive ineptitude against the average-looking Hawks, the ‘Cats will take points from any position they can.  Good effort from DJ.

2. The rest of the ‘Cats looked terrible.  Not sure what Brown was hoping for when he trotted out that crunch time 4th Quarter lineup of DJ (hot), Ray Felton (ICE, ICE, BABY COLD; 3-15FG), Jared Dudley (Non-scorer), GFORCE (Non-factor after the 1st Quarter), and Emeka $$$OKAFOR$$$ (Afraid to take a shot).  DJ was trying to play point but had absolutely no confidence that any of his teammates (y’know that guys with a combined total of 18 years more PRO experience) could take or make a shot.  This team misses JRICH very badly.

3. I’ve been a big defender of Sean May in every forum/blog in BobcatLand.  I’m about to stop that.  Seeing May step out on the court and get immediately EMBARRASSED by former Tar Heel teammate Marvin Williams was just too much.  May wasn’t even trying.  He’s so far from game shape–it will take another six months for that dude to get into anything approaching NBA fitness requirements.

4. Chris Kaman trade talks won’t die.  Now that the Knicks and Warriors have taken their very public trade chips off of the table, maybe the ‘Cats can finally get to work on a trade of their own.  The team desperately needs low post scoring and Kaman could provide that.  I’m not a huge fan of moving Okafor to the PF full-time but at least Kaman would vastly improve the rebounding and frontcourt offense.  If the team could swing a deal that involved GFORCE and Sean May’s expiring contract, then by all means, go for it.

5. Alexis Ajinca looked like a real basketball player during the game’s 1st quarter.  Brown started him for political reasons but the kid actually looked capable out there, swatting and altering shots as well as making a very sweet looking 15 footer.  Maybe this kid is alright.

6. I watched the game via LEAGUE PASS which had the Hawks broadcast team (featuring The Human Highlight Reel: ‘Nique Wilkins).  My favorite Dominique line of the night: “Alexis Ajinca, man that guy needs ta eat or somethin’.”


One thought on “Charlotte Bobcats vs. Hawks 11/21/08

  1. E

    I like how you say “Sean May’s expiring conract” when discussing trades. More accurate might be “Sean May’s expiring career” though.

    And I also thought Ajinca is starting show flashes of potential, too. He’d be better off in the D-League for the year, but with how thin we are down low, we have to keep him on the active roster.

    His game is hard to describe. From the block, and when shooting from 15-20 feet, he looks Dirk-like – except he can’t put the ball on the floor yet. Defensively, I could see him becoming Marcus Camby-like.

    Here’s hoping he develops positively. Lord knows we could use a draft pick that turns out right.

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