Bobcats sell in GoDaddy Auction


The Bobcats decided to offload their largest liability today, The Official Website of Jason Richardson. The website hasn’t been updated since the 2007-08 season and still has a link to last year’s All-Star Voting Ballot.

The highest bidder acquired the domain name in exchange for JRich’s remaining NBA contract and a frumpy dude.

The Bobcats get a massive upgrade to their player web page portfolio:

All-in-all the Charlotte Bobcats get a great deal with this exchange. JRich just wasn’t getting it done with his infrequent website updates and lack of depth in Adobe Flash.

4 thoughts on “Bobcats sell in GoDaddy Auction

  1. Thanks for posting these.

    I think every Bobcats fan has to make point of visiting Boris Diaw's site. In fact, I'm gonna make it a point to hyperlink to it in every post (
    For those web-heads out there, I hope that Boris's usability on the court is better than that of his site. Ouch. Pretentious is right.

  2. E

    Good lord, he’s in a tux on the front page.

    Didn’t he have some great quote about American women like: “I don’t date American women, I have them” or something like that?

    Great fit for Charlotte, NC…

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