Charlotte Bobcats on NBA JAM?



The game was huge. When NBA JAM came out on the home gaming systems it was full of odd pairings that varied by console. Some of these gems are as follows:

1. Indiana Pacers, Reggie Miller and Detlef Schrempf

2. Boston Celtics, Dee Brown and Robert Parish

3. Sacramento Kings, Wayman Tisdale and Mitch Richmond

So, aside from Morrison and Ajinca, who would make up the best two-man Bobcats NBA JAM squad in history? If you need a refresh on past Bobcats players check out this post.

He’s on fire!

3 thoughts on “Charlotte Bobcats on NBA JAM?

  1. E

    Obviously, you're picking out of Felton, Richardson, Wallace and Okafor. I'd have to go with Richardson (3s, offense in general, dunking) and Wallace (blocks, steals, dunks, speed). We'd be a bit lacking in the passing/ballhandling department and would give up a lot of turnovers to squads with high steal ratings, but would more than make up for it with our overall offensive firepower.

    An argument could certainly be made for Richardson + Okafor, I suppose.

    Anyone remember the dreadful combination of Derek Harper and Mike Iuzzulino for the Mavs on the arcade version? And that the Hornets (LJ and Kendall Gill) were one of the best squads?

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