Excuses, Excuses – More From Sam Vincent


In a recent article with RidiculousUpside.com, Sam Vincent discussed his return to the D-League and his experience in Charlotte last season. As Bobcats fans will notice, he’s quick to deflect any responsibility for his disappointing performance.

Citing a string of injuries and a lack of offense (this time singling out Gerald Wallace), Vincent actually stated that, “we had a good season to get to 32 wins.”

Anyone at the arena last season could count on one hand the number of times Coach Vincent drew up a successful play during a timeout.

Vincent’s termination at season’s end was the best play that Charlotte ran all year.

2 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses – More From Sam Vincent

  1. Mr. L'Orange

    As someone who got security called on him for inciting an anti-Sam vincent outcry at the charlotte-Cleveland game with a poster saying, "Fire Sam Vincent… SERIOUSLY", I can tell you this: the firing of Sam *will* help our team more than the hiring of larry brown. Sam was one of the worst coaches in the NBA last year (nods to isiah). Go bobcats!

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