Fair Jordan Faces Upset


It’s not looking good for our favorite in the 2008 Lady Cats Hot Shots Tournament.We knew it was going to be tough for Jordan going up against Ms. “Natural Redhead” Christina but the vote is currently at 55% to 45% so a comeback could be possible over the next 24 hours. Rest assured that I will be visiting all the Kinkos in Charlotte to cast multiple votes.Win or lose, Jordan will be hitting the clubs after the results are in. She loves the lights and night scene.To learn more about Jordan read her profile.The Charlotte Bobcats Lady Cats also have a MySpace page.

5 thoughts on “Fair Jordan Faces Upset

  1. Actually…what is really going on (according to my sources) is that Commissioner David Stern is asking her to take the year off and lay low. She's had some gambling issues in the past and he thinks it's better that she be out of the spotlight until all of this is resolved. Not sure what kind of gambling she was into but I'm guessing it took place somewhere on Highway 51 near the fireworks stands.

  2. Let’s go Bobcats fans! You’ve responded to my post with an overwhelming response. In an unprecedented comeback, Fair Jordan has rallied to reverse the score. With 55% of the vote and only a few hours remaining, Jordan is sitting pretty.

  3. Jordan's late surge to win by 10% of the votes is a testament to the influence of this site.

    It looks like she could walk away with the championship from here. We can only imagine how she's going to party with the "night scene" around the arena.

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