David Aldridge on Suns/Bobcats Trade

In his analysis of the Jason Richardson trade, NBA.com’s David Aldridge writes:

“The Bobcats are playing much better this season under Brown, in his first year with his latest team. But Brown, as ever, has been unhappy with his team’s defense and is looking to add a true center up front so current center Emeka Okafor can move to power forward.

Charlotte, a source said, will be addressing that in the next few days, using forward Gerald Wallace as bait in order to secure a starting center.”

Read the story here.


5 thoughts on “JRICH GONE, WALLACE NEXT?

  1. Markkks

    Would you let go of Wallace for Kaman in a three way trade with the Clips and Blazers?

    It wouldn't surprise me if the next trade happens around Dec. 15th, which is when players signed as free agents can be traded (useful for making salaries match).

  2. Man, the Bobcats are obviously just clearing room for the Lebron James bidding in 2010. It's going to be a coup by the Jordan Brand.

    Here's J Rich's reaction to the trade:

    I'm happy for him. He'll really benefit from playing with top caliber players. He deserves to experience some wins. He's seen too much losing for such a quality player.

    More: http://www.nba.com/suns/news/qa_richardson_081210

    Jared Dudley's reaction: http://www.nba.com/suns/news/qa_dudley_081210.htm

  3. Wow.

    There are three teams I really like in the NBA. The Bobcats, the Suns, and the Warriors. If J Rich had to go somewhere, I'm glad he's going to one of the crews I like.

    Plus, it's not too bad to pick up a couple of Suns. Do you remember how Bell gets under Kobe's skin? We need that edge! Diaw is going to be a big upgrade at PF, too.

    It really hurts to lose J Rich. I miss him already (as the Cats are losing big to the Hornets).

    Still, nothing will make me sicker than losing Gerald Wallace. I really hope he doesn't get traded.






    That sounds like an awesome team to me!

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