JRICH Scores 21pts in PHX debut


JRICH Debut in PHX

Jason Richardson serenaded a previously apathetic crowd in his Phoenix debut Friday night, scoring 21pts on 8-16 shooting in a win over Orlando.  The local announcers were worshipping at the temple of JRICH even before the game started and by the time the game was over they were marveling at what possibilities thier new upgrade might bring.  The receiver of the biggest upgrade though, has to be Richardson himself.  There were passes from Steve Nash and Barbosa that must have had the former Bobcat thinking to himself, “Wait, its that easy?  You just penetrate, move the ball around and get open looks?”

No doubt Richardson will do well in his role as the team’s 3rd option- -a role he seems tailor-made for.  Best Baseline wishes to JRICH and the Suns.


One thought on “JRICH Scores 21pts in PHX debut

  1. Leave it in the past. I don't want to think about what we lost with J Rich. I'm rooting for him and the Suns, but it's just too soon to see him succeed like this.

    Really, when was the last time the Bobcats beat the Orlando Magic?

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