The Charlotte Bobcats are bad on the road. Actually, they’re horrible on the road, but they really should have pulled one out against the Memphis Grizzlies. What an embarrassing show for the ‘Cats on Monday night.

Head Coach Sam Vincent had very little to contribute to the game, but that may be his orders. Perhaps, his team is on course to tank the season. Well, no one needs to make excuses for Sam Vincent. He’s done plenty of that himself. As well, “tanking” wouldn’t excuse the first four months of the season for Vincent.

When the entire picture comes together, it appears that the Bobcats really didn’t have enough interest in the playoffs this season.  Memphis was clearly the easy pick up for any team in that last desperation dash for a final seed.  Though they could be considered the worst team in the league, the Bobcats just couldn’t keep up with the Grizzlies for a game that the broadcast team labeled a “must-win.”  If you follow this team, you should be happy that the ‘Cats won’t be matched up with a top-seeded team in the first round.  They’ve experienced enough blowouts over the regular season and the series would almost certainly result in the most lop-sided match-up in recent NBA Playoff history.

3 thoughts on “MEMPHIS? A LOSS TO MEMPHIS?

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