Despite being billed as an exciting exhibition between two of the leagues worst teams, Saturday’s game at Charlotte Bobcats Arena was an entertaining show. The Charlotte Bobcats prevailed in an expected win against the club calling itself the Miami Heat.

Miami offered several D-League players on its roster and even featured a guy with no name on his jersey. None of Miami’s “stars” were in uniform and the most recognizable name was probably Ricky Davis. Still it took the Bobcats starters to finish off this squad in the closing quarter. It’s tough to say if Ricky Davis is overly confident in his own shot or if he simply had no confidence in the guys sent in with him to play on Saturday. Either way, Davis missed on every opportunity to bring the Heat close in the last 10 minutes of the 4th.

Without Shawn Marion, Dwayne Wade, Pat Riley, or even the scent of Playoff basketball, the ticket value seemed worthless. Despite the sub .500 competition, Gerald Wallace (26pts) and Jason Richardson (24pts) decided to give the home court fans several serious highlights. In one series, Wallace extended himself defensively for a reaching steal with his left hand. Then as he gained control, he pushed a perfect pass to midcourt as Raymond Felton grabbed the ball in stride over the team’s logo. With two defenders closing at the top of the key, Felton lobbed an ambitious pass above the rim and Wallace showed that he was back to form as he raced to the paint, leaped with an insane vertical, and threw it down.

Interesting Note:

Emeka Okafor, who will soon become a restricted free agent, was not played late in the game.  Offensively he had a very poor showing with only 6 points.  Meanwhile, Nazr Mohammed was one of focal points of the offense late in the game with a total of 16 points and an impressive 14 rebounds.


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