Preseason Dead Weight


There are several reasons why the Bobcats have yet to win a preseason game.  The “installation” of Larry Brown’s system can be cited as a major cause, but it looks like Brown might be playing NBA 2K9 with a busted controller, full of bad buttons.  Here’s an overview of the Bobcats’ Dead Weight 2008:

Ryan Hollins : (Alexis Ajinca Ver. 1.0) : Besides his height, he offers little to the squad.  He did some big noise taunting after throwing down a dunk against the Lakers, but that turned out to be his only 2 points.  Maybe he’ll catch on and serve as a 3rd/4th center.  Maybe he can still be traded for his “upside.”

Jermareo Davidson : He plays like an oversized small forward and the Cats have enough of those. He had a great chance to step up in May’s absence and just couldn’t do it. Best wishes to Jermareo with his next team.  Though the Bobcats needs another PF behind May, Davidson hasn’t given anyone a reason to play him.  It might just be too late for this guy.

Matt Carroll : Seems like Brown will give him a short leash. He might have some trade value, so he’s worth exposure and playing time for that.  Carroll doesn’t seem to contribute anything when his shot isn’t falling. While it’s great when he’s automatic,  that only happens once every 5 games or so.

Shannon Brown : While the coach wanted a third “big” point guard, this may not have been the perfect pick up.  Still, he has the athleticism to be a good defender and it’s a good bet that Larry Brown will push him hard in that aspect of his game.  Let’s hope he focuses on that role and excels as a reserve.

Alexis Ajinca : Most know him by his nickname “Freedom Fries.”  This guy is a true developmental project.  His game needs development, his body needs development, and for a month or two he’ll play be in the league of development.  Still, it’s great to see that he wants to learn to play like an NBA big man with his abilities rather than sticking to the comforts of Euro-ball.


The Bobcats get a nationally televised exhibition against the Lakers on Thursday night (TNT).  Let’s see if Larry Brown chooses to showcase the starters a bit more in the last preseason game.  Wallace and Richardson have shared little time together on the court, so it would be great to see how they work together and if any other guys benefit from the defensive attention they draw.  Okafor really hasn’t shown a solid grasp of his role in the new system, but there are signs of improvement with his rebounding – often a direct correlation to positioning in the paint.  Adam Morrison has received a bit more court time and it appears that he’s working hard.  The box score from the Tuesday game against the Lakers shows that he had 2 blocks (seriously).  Felton and Augustin are still making an unacceptable number of turnovers, but that should settle down as the offensive sets and rotations settle into place over the next month.


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