Reminder: Draft Lottery Tonight!



Reminder: the 2008 NBA Draft Lottery will be televised tonight at 8:00 on ESPN before Game 1 of the Boston/Detroit series. The actual lottery is done sometime before 8:00, and results are kept confidential until the televised unveiling. is reporting that GM Rod Higgins will be representing the team at the Lottery tonight. Hmmm, the Nets have us beat on that front, as they’re sending Jay-Z. No word on whether or not Higgins is bringing a lock of Rufus Lynx’s mangy hair as a good luck charm, as I suspect.

Chad Ford is steady killing the draft coverage on, with a lottery preview that touches on the recent history of the lottery, as well as his contribution to the Joe Alexander buzz. has been visiting different workouts as well, highlighted by “exclusive access” to a “private” workout session featuring “The Big Secret” JaVale McGee. Nice gimmick for McGee — I might be intrigued if I weren’t so cynical…

And of course, we’ve been on our grind here at Bobcats Baseline as well, with a multi-part draft preview:

Part One: Team Needs

Part Two: The Lottery

Part Three: Picks #1-3

Part Four: Pick #8 or #9

Cross your fingers, folks!


5 thoughts on “Reminder: Draft Lottery Tonight!

  1. Number Nine.

    If the ‘Cats had sent Nelly, we would’ve had a top 3 pick. I’m certain of it.

    It’s great to know that Miami didn’t get the #1 choice, but Chicago really got some luck after such a disappointing season. Do you think they’d look to trade it?

  2. Yeah, it’s great that Miami doesn’t get #1 but in this year’s draft, #2 is more like 1.5. This is B.S. With all the crap Miami pulled this year in order to be bad, coupled with the yearly shenanigans of “Coach” Riley, the Heat should’ve been relegated to #3 at least.

    Ford has us taking Kevin Love at #9. I actually like the pick. I don’t think he’s anywhere near as defensively liable as AMMO. Although if Randolph is on the board, I say take him, then Love, then Jordan.

  3. I really don’t know who the Bobcats will draft and I won’t pretend to know much at all. Overall, I’m just happy that it won’t be “Psycho T” from UNC. The Bulls won big and that’s it.

    Draft Lottery Broadcast Notes :
    Did you see Mike D’Antoni at the podium for NY? Wow, things happen pretty fast in the off-season.

    Also, Adam made of’s Chad Ford. Try to summarize Chad Ford’s job description. Does it take a specialist to handle what he does? Or does it just take someone who watches a ridiculous amount of basketball? I might need to switch careers.

  4. I think Chad Ford’s greatest asset is his (virtual) rolodex. He’s pretty smart about the game but his list of contacts pre-ESPN is what earned him his name. Like Greggs says in Season 1 of The Wire, “a police is only as good as his C.I. (informant).”

  5. E

    Whoa, a Season 1 reference. That's digging deep. Doesn't Kima get shot soon after saying that?

    In a (fairly) recent Chad Ford chat, someone posted a comment about being envious of his job or something like that. Ford responded with something like: "yeah, and I'm doing this on my laptop sitting on my deck in the sun and breeze over looking the ocean." Aloha…

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