Trade Wallace???!!!


So the GOOD NEWS first: The Bobcats pulled out a gutsy win at home versus a very good New Orleans team on Friday night.

The BAD NEWS: A swarm of Gerald Wallace trade rumors circulating the internet.  Tony Mejia published the initial story on Pro Basketball News in the morning and then the rumors kept popping up online until it finally hit the Observer before tipoff.

That the Bobcats seem intent on trading their best player is bad enough but just look at WHO they are talking about trading him for: Eddy Curry!!!???  Al Harrington???!!!  This has got to be a joke.

Most of the rumors seem to have Curry heading to Charlotte in a three team deal that would eventually send Al Harrington to New York and Wallace to Golden State (where, incidentally, he would become an All-Star in Don Nelson’s system).

So if the deal goes down, we are potentially looking at:

C: Curry/Mohammed

PF: Okafor/May/Ajinca

SF: Dudley/Morrison

SG: Richardson/Carroll

PG: Felton/Augustin

Sure, the team instantly adds frontcourt scoring.  Curry does that for certain; he doesn’t rebound or play any defense but he does score.  Ok.  But then we’d lose the blocks, rebounds, and all-around dynamism that G-Force provides.

This is a bad deal.  Lets hope it doesn’t go down.


2 thoughts on “Trade Wallace???!!!

  1. E

    Thank goodness, it looks like this potential trade is falling through. Mark Stein, on the NBA Weekend Dime on, essentially says that neither the Warriors or the Knicks are very interested in taking Wallace, because he has 4 years left on his deal – which would hamstring them from the being players in upcoming free agent seasons.

    Let's hope that's true. But it's still sad that Brown is willing to give up the heart and soul of the team, and the guy who is our best player most nights, for Eddy Curry. For a team that is struggling to draw a crowd, that deal would have been disastrous.

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