UPDATED 12/10 10:38pm

The Bobcats traded Jason Richardson and Jared Dudley to the Phoenix Suns today for Boris Diaw, Raja Bell and rookie PG Sean Singletary. story here. story here.

Bonnell’s blog post here.

Pro Basketball’s post here. Shootaround video breakdown here.

Hollinger review of the trade here.

Charlotte Observer: Scott Fowler’s reaction here.

Charlotte Observer: Tom Sorenson’s reaction here.

Arizona Republic: Bob Young’s reaction here.

What does this mean for the Bobcats?  More to come from Bobcats Baseline…


2 thoughts on “TRADE!

  1. C’mon – with all of the ridiculous number of trade rumors that get out and spread on the ‘net, how does this one stay quite until the announcement of the deal? Seriously?

    I’ve always felt that the rumors sites are 98% full of pretend facts. Why can’t they even get the scoop on the real stuff in the works?

    Btw, Jason Richardson will certainly be missed. Go Suns!

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