Training Camp Starts Tuesday


Emeka Excited

That’s right – Larry Brown gets things rolling with the ‘Cats this week.  The team will still be on the lookout for a Power Forward after missing out on Landry last week, so training camp may serve as a try out for some of the guys.  Who do you think will land on another squad by the start of the season?

One thought on “Training Camp Starts Tuesday

  1. Here's what Larry Brown said in Monday's interview –

    "We've got a whole bunch of small forwards, but I don't know who can guard. … And we've got young kids up front. We'll just have to see if they're ready."

    Sounds like Brown is laying down a challenge for training camp. Gerald, Jared, and Adam need to figure out how to play Brown's style or they may be on the trading block.

    Wallace has the most appeal for a trade, but it sounds like they couldn't get anything comparable to what they thought he was worth when they shopped him before the draft.

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