Better Than Making the Playoffs: Bob Johnson Wants to Sell the Bobcats



First off, big props to Rick Bonnell for breaking today’s news.  Bonnell takes a lot of grief from “the internets” but when he’s on, he’s on.

If you are a ‘Cats fan, I can’t think of any better news.  Sure, there’s always a chance that this turns into an Atlanta Hawks-sized debacle and (considering the parties involved) the For Sale sign could seriously impede this summer’s personnel moves but c’mon!  It’s worth another season or two of mediocrity if only to rid ourselves of the man who single-handily did the impossible:

Bob Johnson made us miss George Shinn

For those of us who were around during the agonizing Hornets custody battle this is hard to believe.  Oh, but it’s true.  Damn true.  Who wouldn’t welcome Shinn and the Hornets back to Charlotte after “C-SET” Johnson’s 5+ years of ineptitude?  After JumperClassic-Gate V: The Final Frontier, I was ready to personally greet Ray Woolridge at Charlotte-Douglas in a Mike Fox Limo, holding a little hand-stiched sign that read “Mr. Woolridge.” <rant above©2009Tom Sorenson>

Seriously, this is really great news and to start off the festivities, let’s put in our wish list for the next owner (or ownership group).

I’ll start it off:

  • Needs to have money, lots of it.  Ideally billions.  And a pre-nup.
  • Needs to be likable, warm, funny and candid.
  • Needs to be a part of Charlotte, not apart from Charlotte.
  • Needs to understand the current direction of the NBA, new statistical analysis and hiring outside the box.  See Rockets, Houston.
  • Needs to be serious about reverse engineering the San Antonio small-market franchise model or needs to be wealthy enough (like Paul Allen) to spend his or her way out of mistakes (and when I say her, I mean Oprah).

That’s my 5.  Let’s hear it Bobcats fans, “Make Some Noise!”


UPDATE 05/25/09 | Hollinger on Bobcats Sale:’s John Hollinger had some choice words on the Bobcats For Sale news in his Saturday Insider Gems:

The Bobcats are for sale, and that has to be good news for their fans. The odds for the team to relocate are minuscule, as Charlotte has a new arena and a solid market, not to mention the fairly harsh penalties for departing. But whoever takes over is almost certain to operate the team more competently than Robert Johnson did.

Johnson’s tenure was so bad that on Friday a Charlotte columnist was longing for the George Shinn days. Presumably the new guy won’t let Michael Jordan run the team from the 12th green or shut out the local TV audience, and he might even be encouraged to spend some money on players.

Become an Insider and read the rest of Hollinger’s post here.

5 thoughts on “Better Than Making the Playoffs: Bob Johnson Wants to Sell the Bobcats

  1. Addendum: Maybe the NBA can buy the Bobcats like the MLB purchased the Expos a few years back. Then Stern can have Salvatore ref every game of the regular season ('Cats go 80-2) and the Playoffs (three sweeps and a tough loss on the road to the Lakers before hoisting the trophy) and then sell the team off for a serious profit. Just an idea.

  2. E

    Yes, this is definitely good news. Maybe Jordan can get enough people/money together to become majority owner. His solid attendance at games this past season was hopefully a sign that he us ready to take this ownership thing more seriously.

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