Bobcats Eke Out Win Against Sixers


Charlotte Bobcats vs 76ers, 12/5/09

A Win Is A Win

The Charlotte Bobcats overcame a 10-point 4th quarter deficit to defeat the Philadelphia 76ers 106-105 on Saturday night at the Cable Box.  AP story here, box score here.  The Cats played uninspired ball for most of the game, allowing Willie Green to go for a season-high 26.  But down the stretch, Raymond Felton and Boris Diaw were able to push the Cats past the shorthanded Sixers.

The Sixers led 99-89 with 5 minutes left, but would only get two field goals and two free throws the rest of the way.  Meanwhile, the Cats turned aggressive and clutch, going 7-8 from the free throw lie and 2-4 from 3PT over the same period.  The last minute of the game was notable for its drama and sloppiness.

With the Cats down 103-102, Stephen Jackson missed a three — Jack had a poor game and an even poorer finish to the game.  On the ensuing Sixers possession Jack completely whiffed trying to guard Igoudala, who was able to get into the lane with a head of steam.  However, the Cats interior D collapsed on Iggy, who lost the handle and gave the Cats the ball back with 24 seconds left.  After a 20 second timeout, the Cats inbounded to Diaw, who spun, drove into the lane and was able to get a pretty easy finger roll to take the lead 104-103 — but with 17 seconds left.

The Sixers took a timeout to set up a play; but they wouldn’t even need it as Stephen Jackson committed an inexplicable reach-in foul of Igoudala in the backcourt.  With the Sixers in the bonus, Igoudala sunk both free throws to retake the lead 105-104 with 13 seconds left.  With no timeouts, Raymond Felton had to freelance a play, which should make any Bobcats fan shudder.

Fortunately, Raymond was on point tonight and it was Sam Dalembert trying to guard him coming around a Diaw high screen. Dalembert committed the mortal sin of neither showing high, nor dropping back to defend the pick.  Felton was able to turn the corner, turn on the jets and get enough separation from Dalembert to get a clean, game-winning layup.

Boris takes player of the game honors with 28 points (10-12 FG, 5-6 3 PT, 3-3 FT), 5 rebs, 2 asst, 2 blocks, and a steal.  Nice to see you again, Boris.  Gerald Wallace continued his torrid rebounding pace with 24/14 and Felton played great with 18 points (6-11 FG, 1-1 3PT, 5-5 FT, 8 asst/2 turnovers and a +15 +/-.  Nazr Mohammed paced the bench with 9/6 on 4-5 FG shooting.


  • Retweet: The Cats gave away Stephen Jackson posters to the first five thousand through the turnstiles tonight.  There are leftover Stephen Jackson posters.
  • DJ Augustin logged his second straight DNP-CD.  He looked pretty bummed on the bench.  This is most unfortunate for DJ personally, but also for Bobcats fans that were hoping to see him take a couple steps forward this season.
  • It is fortunate for Gerald Henderson, who logged 20 minutes — some in crunch time.  He had a highlight reel block and dunk (see highlight reel), but was only 1-5 FG.
  • As mediocre and inconsistent as the 8-11 Bobcats are, they’re currently 7th in the Eastern Conference.
  • The Sports Guy can’t believe Gerald Wallace’s rebound numbers this year.  It’s a combination of things: 1) I believe Wallace has lost a step and some of his hops, and is conscientiously looking for other ways to contribute (good for him), 2) Diaw doesn’t like to rebound (so bourgeois) and Chandler hasn’t been much, 3) the Bobcats play good D, resulting in a lot of defensive rebounding opportunities and 4) the Bobcats play bad offense, leading to a lot of offensive rebound opportunities.
  • Next game is Tuesday night as the Nuggets (Thuggets?) come into town, 7:00 PM ET.

-Dr. E

9 thoughts on “Bobcats Eke Out Win Against Sixers

  1. Great recap.

    As of Saturday night Gerald Wallace leads THE LEAGUE in rebounding at 12.2 a pop. Simply amazing.

    Boris Diaw sighting was a nice surprise.

    Raymond Felton quietly turning it up a notch over the last few games.

    TOUGH, tough week for the Cats as they take on a strong Denver team at home and then face off against Dallas and San Antone on the road. Show the same effort that they did against New Jersey and for three quarters tonight and things may get UGLY.

  2. Thanks Doctor.

    Did you see any obvious changes in the rotation? Boris' 6 3pt attempts is the most this season. If we could just get a PF we can free him up beyond the arc.

    Gerald is inspiring. DJ is concerning.

    I think we go 1-3 this week with a win over the Spurs.

  3. Jody

    Didn't Jason Kapono used to play for the Bobcats in their first season? And why is he wearing the number 72? "Look at me. I'm different. I have a weird number." Douche.

  4. Reggie, your list of transgressions grows: you meant Ryan Hollins, not Howard. Neither are very good basketball players.

    Gerald is definitely beginning to lose some of his athleticism: hops, quicks, etc. I'm no advance scout, but I can tell. He's blocking shots less and getting his shot blocked more. I'd bet his dunks are down, too. All statistical signs of diminished athleticism.

  5. Reggie

    Dang, im just transgressing everywhere…


    True, his BS are down and his BA is up, but you cant argue with his production as of late. Ill argue that his dunks arent down (see above ally-opp) and i will also argue that his BS has been lower than 2 for the last two years when he averaged 2 blocks and 2 steals in a season.

    As long as he keeps getting 20-12 a night, im good.

  6. reggie


    most of the players that the 'Cats had way back when are now quite decent players that we have lost in translation.

    look at Shannon Brown. once a MJ pet-projcet, now hes got himself a ring and dunking over people on sports-center. not to mention that hes getting great playing time for the LAKERS.

    Eddie House now lights up people consistently, and his son has a TV show on cartoon network. not to mention that he plays for the CELTICS.

    Ryan Howard was once another project at center, but remember last year when he started throughout the end of the season and through the playoffs for the MAVS? (however, he now is stuck in minny behind Al Jefferson–who i wouldnt mind nabbing on the Cats somehow… get to work MJ)

    those three teams are contenders that once-Bobcats have found a way to contribute to. what did they see in our players that we didnt see?

    anyway, on to the game.

    this one was super ugly. nothing else can describe it. but we somehow clawed out a win and thats all this city cares about, and i guess it will squeak you into the playoffs.

    but look at the boxscore–more specifically Raymond. does anybody want to acknowledge his 6 turnovers? we just cant have that. i dont care if he's dropping 45 a night, there's no reason for a NBA STARTING PG to have 6 turnovers. (aside form that, he did look sharp though)

    Jax and Flip havent exactly been shooting lights-out, but hey, ill take Jax's presence over Raja's streaky shooting and bum wrist any day; and only because he draws so much attention to himself.

    to say GW has lost a step is valid. ill accept that. but to say he's lost some hops is INSANE. he can still jump through the roof of any arena and thats the main reason why he's always getting hurt. even if he has lost a step, it hasnt shown–particularly in the last two weeks or so (two 31 point games and he dropped 24 in this one)

    Boris, good to see you. please stay around for the rest of the season.

  7. reggie

    thanks but im at fault:

    i misread the boxscore and it was Jax that had 6 turnovers, not Felton (he had 2).

    i take full blame of my "transgressions"

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