Bobcats’ Road, Turnover Woes Continue In Toronto


Charlotte Bobcats @ Raptors, 12/30/09

New Year’s Resolutions: Less Turnovers, More Road Wins

The Charlotte Bobcats were defeated 107-103 by the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night in Toronto.  AP recap here, box score here.  The Bobcats drop to 12-18 overall and a dismal 1-13 on the road.  For the Raptors, the win is their fifth in a row; they improve to 16-17 overall.  The Raptors played without starting PG Jose Calderon; Hedo Turkoglu sat out the second half after suffering a knee bruise in the first half.

It was more of the same for the Bobcats as they committed 23 turnovers.  The Raptors took advantage with 33 points off those turnovers.  In the first quarter, the Bobcats shot over 70%; however, they committed 9 turnovers and finished the period down 31-26.

The Bobcats also had trouble slowing down Chris Bosh — the soon-to-be unrestricted free agent had 33 points (11-20 FG, 11-11 FT) and 13 rebounds, 2 steals, 2 assists and a block.

Want A Microcosm?

The last couple minutes of the game serve as a pretty good microcosm for the whole thing.  Down five with under 3 minutes left, the Bobcats were able to get 3 straight buckets in the paint to take a 1 point lead — the Raptors don’t offer much resistance.  On the next Toronto possession, however, Chris Bosh got a easy basket after a clutch post move on an overmatched Boris Diaw to put the Raps back up 1.

Next Bobcats possession (just over a minute left): Stephen Jackson badly misses a 20-footer trying to draw a cheap foul.  Belinelli then missed a wild layup.  Next Bobcats possession: Raymond Felton turnover as he tried to dribble between his legs against a defense that had collapsed on him.  30 seconds left as the Raps go for the win.  The ball goes in to Bosh and the Cats are forced to double; Bosh then makes the right pass out of the double, to Bargnani spotted up at the 3-point line.  Nail in the coffin, as Bargnani nails the 3 — Raps up 4 with 10 seconds left.


  • Gerald Wallace had a good game with 15 points/16 rebounds.  He was only able to get to the line 1 time, however, as the Raps were able to shut down his limit his slashing/driving.
  • Besides the 6 turnovers, Raymond Felton had a good game as well: 23 points on 10-12 shooting (!) and 7 rebounds.
  • Stephen Jackson continues to be the main culprit with the turnovers — he had 7 tonight.  What is it about Larry Brown’s offense that seems to cause the main ballhandlers/playmakers (Felton, Diaw, Jackson) to turn the ball over so much?
  • Larry Brown’s postgame comments to the media were very brief.  He was clearly disappointed with the team’s play.
  • Next game is Saturday afternoon (3PM ET start) at Miami — have a safe and happy New Year’s, everyone.

-Dr. E

6 thoughts on “Bobcats’ Road, Turnover Woes Continue In Toronto

  1. spectre

    As bad as the TOs pissed me off (and they REALLY piss me off), sticking with a losing strategy does it to me more. At the end of the 3rd quarter we're leading in boards 28 to 20. LB decides to go "small" for the entire 4th quarter and the Raps proceed to outrebound us 16 to 7 for those 12 minutes.

    Tough loss. Even with the 23 TOs we should have won this game.

  2. leroy

    diaw and augustin wide open 3's…….

    i wouldnt mind trading augustin for sasha just for shooting 3's lol

    i asked myself if gerald wallace was traded to other team, i dont know if im still gonna stick with this team…

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