Celtics Demolish Bobcats Behind Allen, Stifling Defense


Charlotte Bobcats vs. Celtics, 12/1/09

Undo “4 Game Win Streak”

The Charlotte Bobcats were defeated by the Boston Celtics, 108-90, on Tuesday night at the Cable Box.  AP story here, box score here.  The Bobcats had their 4-game win streak rudely broken in the process of falling to 7-10 overall.  Everything that had gone well in said streak seemed to go to pot in this one, as the Celtics outplayed the Cats in every facet of the game.

This one was close for the first couple minutes, as Stephen Jackson posted up Ray Allen for an easy score on the Cats first possession.  But soon after, Ray Allen hit two threes and Gerald Wallace picked up two fouls and the game was never the same.  Wallace sat the rest of the first half while the Celtics developed a 20 point lead that the Cats would never meaningfully dent.  Obviously, it’s more important in Larry Brown’s mind’s eye to not pick up a third first half foul than it is to prevent a blowout from developing.

(Inexplicably, after sitting Wallace while the game was being decided in the second quarter, Brown left him out there late into the fourth quarter, guarding Garnett, while down 20 points, risking injury — someone please explain this to me).

With Wallace derailed by foul trouble/LB’s refusal to put him back in the game, Stephen Jackson couldn’t get the offense going either.  He was busy getting run through screen after screen by Ray Allen, who went on to shoot 6-9 FG/5-6 3PT/10-10 FT for 27 points, with 5 rebounds and 5 assists to boot.

The stats aren’t pretty: the Cats shot 40% overall, 18% from 3PT and 69% from FT, while the Cs shot 55%, 59% and 90% respectively.  The Cats were outrebounded 38-34 and out-assisted 24-13.  Poor effort tonight, which was really disappointing after last week’s improved play.

I tweeted something to this effect during the game, and it bears noting again.  The Bobcats are a very good defensive team under Larry Brown, one of the best in the league, in fact.  But the Celtics are on a whole other level defensively — the Cats literally couldn’t get anything going.


  • Nazr was probably the most effective offensive weapon for the Bobcats tonight, going 6-10 from the field for 16 points (we’ll try to ignore the four missed free throws).  Plus, Naz stepped up in Garnett’s face after drawing a tough offensive foul against him.
  • The fading of DJ Augustin continues to be most concerning to me.
  • Decent minutes for Gerald Henderson in the blowout win.  He hit 2-4 shots for 5 points in 13 minutes.
  • Next game is Friday night at New Jersey, followed by a back-to-back Saturday night in Charlotte against the 76ers.

-Dr. E

11 thoughts on “Celtics Demolish Bobcats Behind Allen, Stifling Defense

  1. Jason

    Watching the game on DVR from the West Coast (Best Coast). Dudes, I love Dell Curry. Seriously, 3-0 4 life. But why is he calling games for the 'Cats? He can't finish a sentence unless he's repeating something Martin said directly before him.

  2. Jason-

    Give DC43 a little time. Remember, his pro career didn't take off until around his third or fourth season. He'll eventually get it. Plus, all he has to do is be better than Adrian Branch and Henry Williams which is kind of like only having to be better than SARS and H1N1.

    The Augustin thing is kind of crazy. Sophmore slump? Has he lost his confidence? Is he on the wrong team? No idea but I hope it's just one of those early season oddities that plays itself out.

  3. Jody

    By the way, Adrian Branch got a job on ESPNU doing college basketball highlight shows. Saw him the other night. "Hey, have you guys ever ordered a big meal from IHOP then left without paying?"

  4. Jason

    Martin to Garnett: "What's wrong with you? You got the call. You got the ball. No money's coming out of your pocket. What's this guy's problem?"

  5. reggie

    we may be over-analyzing this a bit:

    the CHARLOTTE BOBCATS lost to the BOSTON CELTICS. thats just how nature works people.

    now, was it a lack of effort? no. the thing that did us in real quick with this one was the worse than horse-shit shooting. period. weather it was from the stripe or wide open, the ball wouldnt go in.

    this game also brought us back down to earth a bit as we saw the skill that separates championship contenders from 8th seed contenders. im a realist and yes, the 4 game streak was nice, but we are truly no better than a 6th seed at best because we havent developed the consistency, skill, and especially SHOOTING that makes top 5 seeds.

    get with the program people.

  6. BobbinNweavin

    the tweet about Marquis Daniels was hilarious. So was Steve martin getting so upset about the Nazr-Garnett spat that it sounded like he was going to get up and punch him. Other than those 2 things i wanted to hide under the bed the whole game. I don’t see why you hold Wallace out for 3/4s of the 1st half as the lead continues to grow. Was Larry expecting to put him in the 3rd quarter and let him drop 30 again? and then just as stated above keep him in late in the 4th ? what the hell

  7. Jason – I’ve held off on bitching about the Bobcats broadcasts because I feel like I do too much bitching about other stuff already. But yes, Dell Curry is brutal on the color commentary. DC43 should stick to siring sharpshooters.

    And when the games are not in HD (the majority aren’t) the video quality is borderline offensive. What, are they using old Russian production gear? Watching old college football games on ESPN Classic is easier on the eyes….

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