Charlotte Bobcats 2009 Open Practice



Anyone heading to open practice tonight at the Cable Box?  Be sure to download your free ticket so they have an idea of how much watered-down soda and salted-up popcorn to have on hand.  Seriously, though, ever since the Cats announced they’d be holding camp here in Charlotte, I’ve been kinda looking forward to this.  I’m sure it will be utterly disappointing, but we’ll see…

And maybe while we’re there, we can pass around the collection plate to chip on for the outrageous fines that LB and the Cats incurred due to his tantrum the other night.  Seriously, $60K each for Brown and the team?  The going rate for a “criticizing the officials” fine seems to be $25K (recent example here), and reportedly the extra $35K is for the on-court verbal abuse and the dreaded “not leaving the court in a timely manner” clause.  Not sure how they are justifying double-charging the team the same fine.

Clearly, the league is rather sensitive over the labor impasse with the regular refs.  And is it really surprising to anyone that Larry Brown was the first coach to freak out and have an example made of himself?  On a positive note, this whole kerfluffle did lead to me finding this awesome website, which simply lists all NBA suspensions and fines since 1994-95.

Oh, and FYI, here’s this year’s season tickets.  While they’re clearly a step up from last year’s abominations, they’re still a bit listless for my taste.



5 thoughts on “Charlotte Bobcats 2009 Open Practice

  1. CC

    I went to open practice last year when I was still working uptown and it was really cool. Watching LB harp on fundamentals was interesting; all of the talk about his focus on running plays his way is accurate.

    Maybe they're doing it at night this year so that they can save money by not having to give away turkey sandwiches!

    go cats,


  2. They had turkey sandwiches last year? I'm shocked.

    With the economy and state of the team in general, I'm surprised they're even giving away popcorn and soda, cheap as that stuff may be.

    I frankly haven't been very excited about Bobcats/NBA season so far, so I'm hoping this will jump-start my interest for the year…

  3. Roy Hodge

    how can i pratice with the bobcats i'm 5'11 i can dunk i'm a point gaurd dribbles very well very well i wanna know if i can just practice before i go to college

    please i live in charlotte.

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