Create-a-Caption: Bobcats Teaser Campaign



Immediately following the heartbreaking news of Iverson signing with Memphis, the Bobcats sent out an eBlast with the above image and included no additional information.

Upon dragging the image into Photoshop revealing the filename JerseyLaunch_600x300.jpg I was pretty sure it has something to do with the new uniforms we already knew about.

But what could be the other answers be to this riddle?

A winning team?

Bob Johnson’s wallet?

Locker room Chemistry?

Michael Jordan at home games?

The new Bojangles buffet at the Arena?

The city of Charlotte’s Interest in the Bobcats?

Submit your answers to this puzzle.

12 thoughts on “Create-a-Caption: Bobcats Teaser Campaign

  1. reggie

    whos the head of the advertising department for the cats? the new commercial is a straight rip from the NBAs "where amazing happens". and now this???

    creativity counts for something, and having this say "you cant see it… but its here" is an embarrassment. it sounds like some imaginary friend that Rufus came up with. just not good advertisement.

    itd have been better if they didnt say anything and just debuted it without notice.


  2. If News14 hadn't already leaked the video of the new jerseys weeks ago, I would be genuinely excited for the reveal. As is stands, it seems like a pretty lame attempt to distract from the disappointment of losing out on Iverson.

  3. Bobcat orange?

    is it sad if the thing I’m most excited (and realistic) about from that list is the bojangles buffet? because that would be AWESOME.

  4. RobC

    Hey Everyone,

    Forget about the Bojangle's Buffet. Bojangles will not make that happen. Bojangle's management group were furious when the Bobcats decided not to extend Sean May's one more year, so they are afraid this move will not be cost-effective. LOL!!!

    Anyway, as much as i like for the Bobcats to be a playoff team this year, I have to admit that a whole lot of faith is required. I just hope that maybe Chandler will stay healthy and that DJ and Henderson will explode offensively this season. As far as the backup PF, who knows? Maybe Ajinca and Radmanovic will be a pleasant surprise this year. Lets pray to see if god chooses Charlotte to be a playoff team this season!!!

  5. Justin

    You can’t see it, but it’s here…..a reason to be excited about the Bobcats this season!

    All jokes aside, I still think this team is a playoff team, with the roster that’s currently intact. But are these rumors about Monta Ellis true? I think this would be a great move, but depends on what we give up.

  6. Jared

    Definitely depends on who we give up Justin. Ellis is better suited as a 2 so Charlotte should leave the PG's alone if they pick him up.

    One thing that doesn't make sense about Ellis: His contract is far more expensive than Iverson's would have been. So can we really expect Charlotte to make that move w/out some cap relief coming back? Golden State is looking to move Eliis for cap room, so a third team would have to get involved to save money for two teams.

    Charlotte of course, is full of surprises so who knows?

  7. Justin

    so what's the deal with this thing emerging today? We all know it's the jersey launch…but it's 2:00 PM, and I've yet to see anything change on the website. When are they unveiling these things??!?!!

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