Eastern Conference Power Rankings – July 14, 2009


Rankings as of July 14, 2009

Bobcats Baseline Eastern Conference Power Rankings


After a few weeks of trades, free-agent signings and draft selections, we thought we’d unleash the first Bobcats Baseline Eastern Conference Power Rankings in order to see how close (or how far) the Bobcats are from challenging for a spot in the Top 8.

Orlando has to be the undisputed winner thus far as they’ve admirably decided to GO FOR IT as a small-market team.  The Celts, Hawks and Wizards get big points as well for being pro-active thus far in the offseason.  Meanwhile, a quiet Bobcats franchise had better hope Gerald Henderson’s first two summer-league games (0 pts followed by a DNP) were flukes – or they better have a Plan B.

The top half of the Conference looks scary, btw.  The old adage of “if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse” will definitely apply this year.

Let’s see how the teams stack up thus far:

1 3 Although the Magic lost both Hedu and Courtney Lee, they quickly reloaded with Vince Carter and Brandon Bass.  Ryan Anderson might not be so bad either. With the Celts health in question and the Cavs having a less than stellar offseason, the Magic look set to repeat as Eastern Conference champs.
2 2 Even if they don’t re-sign Big Baby, Rasheed is a HUGE upgrade. If healthy, the Celtics might make it two championships out of three next June.
3 1 Any team with Lebron is a lock for the top three in the conference. Bringing back Varejao is nice (if a bit expensive) but a team with a slow, lumbering veteran center (Z) adds another (Shaq) in the offseason. How ironic. Lebron, D-Wade and Bosh’s “mini-max” deals are deterring key Free Agents from playing alongside them.
4 4 Under the radar busy this offseason, the Hawks have re-upped Bibby and Pachulia, traded for Jamal Crawford and drafted Wake’s Jeff Teague. They played it smart by settling up with their Unrestricted FAs first and will probably take care of Restricted FA Marvin Williams later this summer. The Hawks are a strong squad.
5 5 D-Wade and company are going to have a tough time finishing this high again next season with a much more competitive Eastern Conference. If the front office keeps standing Pat, the Heat could find themselves out of the playoffs come April.
6 7 The Bulls pushed a depleted Celtics team to seven games. They lost their crunch-time scorer to Detroit but could balance out their roster with a potential trade for Carlos Boozer. If that deal goes through, move the Bulls up a spot or two.
7 15 Not a big fan of Mike Miller, Randy Foye or Flip Saunders individually but as a group, combined with a healthy Agent Zero, Jamison and Caron Butler, the Wiz should out-score every team in the conference and be good for at least 45 wins.
8 8 Adding Ben Gordon, Charlie V. and Austin Daye while subtracting Rasheed, Iverson and McDyess will inject youth while sacrificing experience. Question is, how will championship holdovers Prince and Hamilton react to their fourth coach since the ’04 Title.
9 10 The quietest team this offseason in the Eastern Conference, the Bobcats will add Dookie Gerald Henderson to a squad that went through a dramatic overhaul last season. Perhaps one more year under coach Larry Brown will be enough to sneak into the top eight in the East.
10 9 Looks like they’ll replace the departing Jarrett Jack, Marquis Daniels and Rasho Nestorovic with Dahntay Jones and Tyler Hansbrough. Maybe not enough to repeat their one game lead over the Bobcats last season.
11 6 This could be the team on the decline in the conference. Last year’s massive FA signing of Elton Brand did little but stifle both their cap and their up-tempo attack and now there are rumblings that the Knicks could pry away the team’s glue – Andre Miller. If Miller walks, don’t expect the Sixers back in the post-season.
12 11 For upside fanatics, there’s a lot to like about this team. Devin Harris, Brook Lopez, T-Will and Courtney Lee are quality young guys. Unfortunately, they may have to wait until next year to make any serious noise…possibly with a new SF wearing #23.
13 13 The Raptors essentially replace Shawn Marion, Anthony Parker and half of their bench for Hedo Turkoglu. Then they turn around a drop $50 million on Bargnani in order to save face for making the second worse draft selection in 2006 (yeah, after AMMO). Does anybody out there think that the Raps have more than a 2% chance of re-upping Bosh after the season?
14 14 I’m not really sure I understand what’s going on here. Knicks were pursuing Grant Hill and now may be close to signing 30+ year old PG Andre Miller? All while letting Nate Robinson and David Lee (potentially) walk? Why would Lebron choose to join this mess when he could lead a team of young studs in New Jersey to the promise land for a solid decade?
15 12 This team makes absolutely no sense to me – check that, it’s run by a United States Senator, of course it’s going to be inefficient, bland and confusing. Just like the DMV or the Tax Code. Bogut’s a decent young center, Redd needs to be moved to a team that can win now (Cleveland) and Sessions should try to get out while he still can.

*Previous Rank determined by final ’08-’09 regular season standings.


12 thoughts on “Eastern Conference Power Rankings – July 14, 2009

  1. MrHerb

    We have to be on the 7th or 8th seed. No freaking chance, Detroit and Washington are ahead of us. Detroit has NO frontcourt, and the Wiz aren't better than us.

  2. tommy

    Just with the moves they made and the moves we didnt make… yeah they are better right now on paper. We will see how well those two teams gel in the regular season. We already have great chemistry.

  3. Jared

    I can't say the Wiz are that much better for adding Miller and Foye. Their bench got better, but their success all depends on the health and chemistry of their starters. If their 3 stars are healthy and playing well together then Washington is a hell of a lot better than Charlotte. Having Brendan back and healthy will be key as well.

    Even though I've been an advocate of having the Bobcats stay where they are rather than making yet another ill fated desperation move, I'm intrigued by the availability of Boozer. I know he's a risk to be a one and done guy for Charlotte, but that kind of talent being openly shopped should at least get a phone call from the Bobs.

    I'm not sure who Utah might want but a forward combo of either GW and Boozer of Diaw and Boozer looks good to me. Not that I think it will happen, but any thoughts on a Boozer trade?

  4. E

    Yeah, not sold on the Pistons or Wizards, either. I don't think the Pistons make the playoffs this year (unless they have another deal up their sleeves this offseason).

    The Wiz? I'm just going to have to see it to believe it. If Arenas is healthy, are there going to be enough shots for him, Foye, Miller, Butler and Jamison? And will they play a shred of defense?

  5. Jared-

    Boozer for Diaw and Wallace? Wow. It couldn't happen because the Jazz want to clear payroll in order to match the Blazer's offer for Millsap. Adding those two players would put $18 million plus per season back in Salt Lake.

    Also, Boozer would likely be a "one and done" player in the Charlotte and I'm not sure that he's all that much better than Diaw at this point in his career (for the money).


    Detroit finished 4 games ahead of the Bobcats last season with arguably lesser talent. If and when they unload Rip for some frontcourt depth, look out.

    (And if you wanna rip their frontcourt, just remember who the Bobcats backup PF is as of today. HINT: they don't have one).

    The moves that the Wiz made in the offseason speak loudly. This team thinks that it has the talent to compete NOW and that means they believe Arenas and Haywood to be 100%.

    Facts are facts, the Bobcats haven't done a thing this summer while everyone else is getting better. Right now, they're on the outside looking in.

  6. reggie

    idk… my gut says no, but my 'cat loyalty makes me say that we get in at 8 behind detroit and bump washington out with the tiebreaker.

  7. Jared

    Adam, did you read my comment? I said that Boozer would be able to play alongside either Wallace or Diaw. I said nothing about trading both players for Boozer. Wow. I still contend that he'd be an up grade alongside either player. He's a 20 and 10 guy. Regardless, I'm not complaining about Diaw and Wallace. I like them both.

    In hindsight, trading for Boozer would be difficult given the cap needs for Utah.

  8. Jared-

    Apologies for the misunderstanding, though you have to admit:

    "I’m not sure who Utah might want but a forward combo of either GW and Boozer of Diaw and Boozer looks good to me."

    could be misinterpreted.

    I like your idea of Boozer on the Bobcats. Unfortunately, the organization is broke and dangerously close to the luxury tax level.

    What do you guys think about this Felton madness? Do you think he's worth more than $6 million per?

  9. Bob

    lol at the fool who said the wizards arent better than us. they have two players: zero and butler who are better than any single player on the bobcats. also jamison and heywood are solid and the team has excellent chemistry and made a good move in acquiring two solid semi-vets in foye and miller. i think the hawks are overrated and am hoping the heat bust so we can pick up the 8th seed and get killed by the magic.

  10. MrHerb

    lmao at the fool calling me fool.

    07/08 the Wizards showed they can play better basketball without Arenas and made it to the playoffs without problems.

    Now this team was the worst team of the eastern conference in the past season, and you are telling me the return of Arenas, who is almost a non factor on this team, will catapult them to the playoffs? Please.

    Apart from that, a loaded Backcourt won't make them better a better team. Foye is an overrated and small combo guard and Miller a shooter who plays zero defense and will only take away minutes from Butler.

  11. Bob

    arenas a non factor for the wizards?? thats not even funny. you dont pay a non factor 100million dollars. a non factor doesnt get dubbed the franchise player. a non factor doesnt make the all star team regularly or play at the high level arenas does. without him their a different team. theyve locked up their core trio for years to come and will be a better team then the bobcats. that foolish comment above should be grounds for being banned from this blog. you obviously have little idea of how the nba works. please stop talking out of your ass your only making yourself look stupid. in fact please dont even reply i already feel slighted discussing basketball with one as ignorant as yourself. maybe you should chill out on the herb and research before you leave idiotic replys.

  12. MrHerb

    I said he's "almost" a non factor, idiot. And yes, they are a different team, but they aren't a worse team. How about you start to research before post this BS? Go and check how many games Arenas played in 07/08 and tell me if the Wizards made the playoffs. Maybe you should also start to watch basketball games and don't judge players by their stats and by how much money they make.

    Zach Randolph got paid 90Million dollars, Marbury signed a 80million dollar contract, hell, there are so many guys who are overpaid and don't help their teams at all.

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