From Roster to Rasta – Vincent Named Jamaican Coach


Thank Jah, Vincent sent to Jamaica

Thank Jah, Vincent sent to Jamaica

KINGSTON – Today Sheriff John Brown announced that former Bobcats head coach Sam Vincent would be leaving Babylon by becoming the head coach of the Jamaican men’s and women’s basketball teams.  Read the story via the Jamaica Observer here.


7 thoughts on “From Roster to Rasta – Vincent Named Jamaican Coach

  1. Brian

    How many Jamaicans actually play in the NBA? Exactly, so he will fit right in with them over there. If you can't make use of J-Rich, Felton, Wallace, and Okafor to at least be competitive then it's definitely time to go. How long til we get a post on the Draft? I'm already excited about it and hope Felton and Nazr go in a sign and trade. DJ is ready and I'd love to see Curry end up a Cat for pure nostalgic reasons.

  2. CBG

    July 1st, and the steps toward making AI a bobcat will be in motion. I am really looking forward to it…. i know i am getting ahead of myself, but it just makes too much sense not to happen. This team was almost built to suit Iversons talents. Its almost as if LB knew this was going to happen…

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