Get Fat with the Cats


Attend the Hawks/Cats match up tonight and stuff your face full of Chicken Supremes™, Hot Dogs, Sprite and room temperature popcorn (likely left over from Tuesday’s game).

Bojangles is in the business of recession marketing. Last month, they purchased the naming rights of  Bojangles Coliseum for, I believe, twenty dollars. Now they are rolling out this gluttonous alliance with the Charlotte Bobcats to feed hungry sports fans.

The next step is getting Gerald Wallace to swtich out his pre-game Chick fil A Sandwiches for a Two piece Meal Deal.

3 thoughts on “Get Fat with the Cats

  1. E

    Does Crash really eat a Chick-fil-a sandwich as his pregame meal?

    I know I'm going to get pilloried for saying this, as everyone else seems to think it's God's gift to fast food, but I think Chick-fil-a is WAY overrated.

    I'd much prefer a Cajun Fillet biscuit from Bojangles.

    Flame away…

  2. reggie

    E March, you are about to get pilloried for this:


    its like the christmas everyday when i go there!!!!

    or maybe your chick-fil-a has bad service. i have been to some that make me say "why did i go here"

    i mean, i love bojangles too. but i would still take large waffle fries, chicken sandwich , and a dr pepper over the cajun fillets. even though they are very boss as well.

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