Let’s Be Realistic


Five trade scenarios that make sense for the Charlotte Bobcats and the Other Team


Despite a 2-2 record going into Friday night’s home game against Atlanta, the ’09-’10 Charlotte Bobcats find themselves in a desperate situation.  They can’t score points and the last time I checked, scoring points was somewhat crucial to winning basketball games.  As fellow Baseliner Dr. E has pointed out in his recaps and comments recently, as bad as the Charlotte Bobcats were on offense last year they are even worse this year, ranking dead last in point per contest at 79.8.  To put this into perspective, the 29th team (Milwaukee) is averaging 8 more points per game than the ‘Cats @ 87.7.

This isn’t breaking news as anyone who has suffered the great misfortune of watching the opening 4 games will have come to the same conclusion: This Team Needs to Make a Trade.

First off, a couple of GROUND RULES:

  1. Trades must be logical for both teams, with a slight handicap given to the Bobcats trading partner as we fans tend to view our own players through the eyes of a new parent.  Must make sense for the trading partner first, Bobcats second.
  2. I used the ESPN.com Trade Machine as a reference and the screenshots have been pasted below.  The engine that powers the ‘Cats salary cap situation seems to be a little off so ignore the team’s cap number at the top.  All trades work cap wise for the Bobcats.
  3. The Bobcats have three primary needs: add more consistent scoring, depth at the backup PF spot, maintain or reduce their salary situation.  Trades will reflect one or more of those goals.

So without further ado…

1. The Charlotte Bobcats trade Gana Diop and Raja Bell to the Detroit Pistons for Rip Hamilton



Why Detroit Makes the Trade:
This one might seem lopsided at first glance.  Why would any team take on Gana Diop’s bloated, full-mid-level contract?  If the Pistons make this trade now, they’ll be close to $20 million under the salary cap this summer once Raja’s deal comes off the books.  Combine this with the fact that the team already has a nice young three guard rotation of Will Bynum, Rodney Stuckey and Ben Gordon and that makes Hamilton not only expendable but, by essentially shedding half of his contract, the Pistons will automatically put themselves in a situation where they can bid against anybody for any player come July.

Why Charlotte Makes the Trade:
On arrival, Rip would become the most dynamic and consistent outside shooter in team history.  His veteran leadership and ability to hit shots in the 2nd half are EXACTLY the kind of thing this team needs.  He’s a solid defender and knows Coach Brown’s system.  And even though Rip is already 31 years of age, his game looks to age well ala Ray Allen or Reggie Miller.  From a financial standpoint, the Bobcats are essentially trading away the albatross contract of a guy who is not playing (Diop) and receiving a bigger contract for a guy who will start.

2. The Charlotte Bobcats trade Gerald Wallace and Nazr Mohammed to the Golden State Warriors for Stephen Jackson, Ronny Turiaf and Speedy Claxton



Why Golden State Makes the Trade:
Are you kidding me?  S-JAX wanted out of Oakland a month ago and the team replaces an older disgruntled player with a younger, better one.  Warrior Fanatics will absolutely love Wallace in Oak-town.

Why Charlotte Makes the Trade:
There are already rumblings of Jackson coming to Charlotte but I don’t buy the Diaw rumor for an instant.  Boris is the most important piece currently on the Bobcats roster and everybody knows it.  In a situation where Stephen Jackson, a natural SF, comes to the Queen City, Gerald Wallace is the most likely man headed out of town.  While Jackson is a more gifted offensive player, the Bobcats would lose a lot defensively without Wallace.  Not to mention the fact that no one has been more loyal to the Bobcats organization than Crash over his 5+ seasons with the team while Jackson has just demanded a trade from the team that just gave him $35 million.
The reason that Charlotte makes this trade is because Turiaf is a HUGE upgrade at the backup PF/C spots and his toughness and rebounding will be needed when the team battles bigger squads like the Magic, Celtics and Cavs.
The other main reason for making the deal is money.  Claxton would come off of the books this summer and S-JAX’s cap number is lower in every year of his contract than what the team would be paying Wallace.
Bobcats give away a more talented player but get back quantity and cap space?  Sounds like a realistic Bobcats trade to me.

3. The Charlotte Bobcats trade Gerald Wallace to the Memphis Grizzlies for Rudy Gay and Marko Jaric



Why Memphis Makes the Trade:
Wallace is still young enough to grow with the Grizzlies’ young players (O.J. Mayo, Mike Conley, Hasheem Thabeet, Marc Gasol) and play right away with their veterans (Zach Randolph and Allen Iverson).  Perhaps more importantly, the trade would save the cheapskate Grizzlies at least $7 million next year as Rudy is likely to sign an extension that would pay him at least $9 million per season.

Why Charlotte Makes the Trade:
First off, let me say that I would feel absolutely terrible sending Crash into a situation like this.  He deserves better.  Unfortunately, it is a business measured in wins and losses and this trade makes a ton of sense for the Bobcats.  They get a younger, more skilled player in Rudy Gay to play the SF spot and would only have to pay Jaric one more season for their troubles.  With the salary cap potentially going even lower this summer, the ‘Cats could probably net Rudy (who’ll be a Restricted FA) for around the same money that they’re currently paying Wallace.

4. The Charlotte Bobcats trade Gerald Wallace to the Portland Trailblazers for Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster



Why Portland Makes the Trade:
The Trailblazers have been hot on Wallace for a couple of years now and there were multiple reports of a deal like this going down as recently as this past summer.  You could see why.  Wallace is the perfect fit for the Blazers in that he’s a reliable 3rd or 4th offensive option who doesn’t need plays called for him as he gets his points on sneaky post-ups, drives and put-backs.  He’s great in the open court and could be the final piece that puts Portland in the Western Conference Finals.

Why Charlotte Makes the Trade:
Surprisingly enough, Hollinger’s Analysis really liked this trade for the Bobcats, adding 9 wins to the Bobcats total.  Webster and Outlaw aren’t household names but they are both young and talented and could start for the ‘Cats immediately.  Both guys can shoot it and financially the Bobcats would come up WAY ahead, with Outlaw’s deal expiring this summer and Webster’s reasonable $5 million a year deal extending only through ’11-’12.  In an alternative scenario, the Bobcats could include Derrick Brown in the deal and ask for Nicolas Batum in exchange.  This gives the team insurance if Outlaw decides not to resign and adds yet another talented Frenchmen to the squad.

5. The Charlotte Bobcats trade D.J. Augustin, Raja Bell and Nazr Mohammed to the Sacramento Kings for Kevin Martin and Beno Udrih



Why Sacramento Makes the Trade:
Money.  The once proud Kings are in dire financial shape.  The team is going nowhere on the court and (probably) somewhere else off of it.  Between now and the summer of 2013, the Kings owe Martin $45 million.  During the same time frame, Sacramento owes Udrih (a decent backup PG) $27.5 million.  Making this trade with the Bobcats would save the Kings around $60 million over the next four seasons and provide them with a young PG to run the floor with rookie phenom Tyreke Evans.

Why Charlotte Makes the Trade:
An additional $60 million in salary commitments.  Any chance in hell that Bob Johnson would say yes to a trade like this?  I say yes and here’s why: Kevin Martin is currently averaging 30pts per freakin’ game.  And he’s only 26 years old.  And this is not a fluke as Martin has averaged over 20pts per game over the past three seasons.  Sure, his defense doesn’t exactly scream “Larry Brown Caliber” but Kevin Martin would be the perfect medicine for a team desperately looking for some offense.  As bad as Udrih’s contract is, he’s not a terrible backup PG and combined with Felton, would make a nice platoon with Martin in the backcourt.
Oh, and Hollinger’s Analysis adds 13 wins to the ‘Cats win total if a deal like this were to go down.  Thirteen more wins is a good thing, right?


18 thoughts on “Let’s Be Realistic

  1. BobbinNweavin

    It would make me sick to loose Gerald in almost any trade. He goes all out for this franchise even when the people of Charlotte aren't totally behind the team. How about a trade involving Gortat and Reddick of the Magic? tried the trade machine there but Gortat cant be traded before December with the new contract. I do think the Bobs should pursue Rudy Gay in the offseason. If we could run Gay at the two and Gerald at the 3, there would be a lot of freaky dunks going on.

  2. spectre

    Trade 1:

    As I've mentioned before I think Dumars would want Nazr over Gana. Would that be a deal breaker for us? Doubtful if we're inclined to take on Rip's salary regardless.

    Salary would of course be the reason why we probably won't do this one.

    Trade 2:

    Think we're overpaying.

    Trade 3:

    Kind of intriguing…but I'm not sold on the swap. Crash is on a good deal and I'm not positive that the plus/minuses would be in our favor.

    Trade 4:

    I think we're overpaying. Outlaw is reported to not be very bright and Bonnell reported that LB put in about 50 new plays over the preseason so he'd be totally lost. Martell…have to worry about his injury history (way worse than Crash).

    Trade 5:

    I think that's a decent package, but I'd now hold off due to Martin's fracture.


    I like that trade, but I seriously doubt if Dallas gives up Terry…they love the guy.

  3. DCW

    i like the idea of trading with dallas but how bout j-ho instead of terry. he can play the 2 and i think he is playing for his next contract.

  4. Felton for Pres

    I think everyone is forgetting a key issue with S-Jax and Charlotte. No, I'm not referring to the fact that we aren't on his list, I am referring to selling tickets. Charlotte already considers NBA players thugs (wrongfully of course, but they do). Adding him would causes the haters to go even crazier and likely turn away some fans as well. He'll never live down the brawl and that causes major problems in a city like Charlotte.

  5. DCW

    i think rip will probally be our best option and easiest to acquire. i would rather have him than jackson and both lb and mj know what there getting.

  6. RobC

    I honestly beleive that the most realistic of all this trades is the Hamilton trade with Detroit and maybe the trade with Portland (Still I think is not worth it to give up Crash for those two guys).

    I do like the trade proposal that ESPN reported for Jackson, only if we can get Turiaf also and "maybe" Acie Law. Otherwise I wont let Diaw go straight for Jackson, eventhough we know the guy can score in bunches.

  7. br2850

    Is there anyway we can make a trade without trading our good players like- D.J or Gerald and trade Felton after December 23. This is a more logical move and guess who needs a point guard, Dallas Mavericks. We might need to get a scorer from from Dallas if anything.

  8. br2850


    How do u like the Dallas trade. We definitely get a three point shooter and somewhat of a scorer in Jason Terry. Dallas finally gets a good defensive guard in Raja which will help with Western Conference Guards. Dallas gets a back-up SF in Vladimir that can help them in transition threes. We get a quality back-up PF in Kris Humphries that can help Gerald, Chandler, and Boris in rebounding. This would be our new depth chart:

    PG- Raymond Felton, D.J Augustin

    SG- Jason Terry, Flip Murray, Gerald Henderson

    SF- Gerald Wallace, Stephen Graham, Derrick Brown

    PF- Boris Diaw, Kris Humphries, Alexis Ajinca

    C- Tyson Chandler, Nazr Mohammed, DeSagana Diop

  9. BobbinNweavin-

    The problem with pursuing a Gortat/Reddick deal is that a.) they are in the same division and trades like that rarely happen and b.) who would the Magic want back in return?

    As for pursuing Rudy, the Bobcats are almost at the Luxury Tax line for next season ALREADY and that's before replacing or re-signing Raja, Flip and Raymond. In the unlikely event that Tyson Chandler opts out of his monster deal then maybe the Bobcats could seriously consider making a run at somebody like Rudy.


    Not saying that I necessarily like all of the trades outlined above but they DO MAKE SENSE for the other team as well as the Bobcats. I agree about SJAX's character issues, in fact I wouldn't have even included the hypothetical trade unless it wasn't first mentioned in the mainstream media as a possibility.


    I answered your question in the Hawks recap thread. Like the deal but think that it is highly unlikely that the Mavs would do it.

    RobC & spectre-

    Hamilton trade makes sense ONLY if they take back Diop. I Dumars says no, then no deal. Can't afford to destroy Bobcats salary situation even more. Also, if the SJAX deal goes down like ESPN.com reported, Crash has to play the 4 full-time and if that happens, the team will be lucky to get 60 games total out of him this season.

  10. BobbinNweavin

    if those three are gone thats around 12.5 mill to work with and vlady has a player option at 6.8. can we hope that LB starts talkin junk about his game so much he will decline that 6.8 million? haha

  11. BobbinNweavin

    You're right about the division and I'm guessing the only player they could really want would be Gerald. that would make me sick to see him in a different uni against us 4 times a year or however often they play. Gerald in any other uniform would make me sick though because he's been giving the organization all he's got this whole time. with raja, flip and ray ray coming off the books this year what kind of player do you think the bobs would be looking to pick up? i don't think they would resign raja to anything more than 1-2 years if at all, flip at 1.99 seems like decent deal right now. but if they let all 3 go , they will need to go after a veteran Pg and hope DJs ready to take over right? and if henderson plays out another back up 2? low post scorer? what are your thoughts

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