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It seems like the long drought of non-NBA action was so long ago now that NBA Preseason is underway.  The Bobcats have shown some good signs of growth as they’ve put together two competitive games so far against the Cavs (loss) and the Hornets (win).  For anyone who caught the last, local TV broadcast on the FS Carolinas nextwork, it may have seemed like a surreal Charlotte-NBA concoction.  The list of oddities is tough to summarize, but I’ll try –  The Hornets played against the Bobcats in Greensboro’s teal saturated arena, both wearing pinstriped uniforms, with Steve Martin and Dell Curry calling the game for the TV broadcast.


  • Emeka Okafor has always presented himself as a great professional and has conveyed as much sophistication as any athlete.  He told reporters that we was surprised by the trade that sent him from Charlotte to New Orleans.  Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer has more on Okafor’s return to NC this past Wednesday.
  • Brian Hendrickson of Sports Illustrated has written an encouraging piece about the Bobcats current situation.  Rarely does SI shed a positive light on the organization, but Hendrickson seems to see the team getting past all of those errors and obstacles.  Read it at SI.com.
  • The Bobcats have finally posted real images of their jerseys on the online team store.  I have to say that the home uniforms are looking great.  The road jerseys might take a little more time to settle in.  This Diaw jersey might be a good purchase.
  • Lastly, the free agent of much Bobcats Baseline adoration doesn’t look so glowingly perfect nowadays.  Memphis Grizzlies guard Allen Iverson looks to be sidelined for the entire Preseason after injuring his hamstring.  Iverson told the media that his leg “popped” when he “stopped on a dime.”  But wasn’t Dime where we read that Iverson had a deal with Charlotte?


Cavs vs Cats in Charleston, SC on Saturday night.  No Boris Diaw, Tyson Chandler, Delonte West, or Jamario Moon. . . but there will be plenty of Shaq and Lebron for ESPN to show us afterward.


14 thoughts on “Quick Start to Bobcats Preseason News

  1. Why do the Bobcats feel like the Washington Generals all of a sudden?

    Are they just preseason fodder for the Lebron-Shaq roadshow?

    I'm liking the fact that absolutely nobody is picking the Bobcats for the playoffs this season. Might take some of the pressure off.

    Too early to judge the Iverson situation, let's wait till November or December to see if the 'Cats can get any points on the board.

  2. reggie

    i wouldnt get too excited about droppin 65 bucks on a replica. in part because you can get a swingman for 75 bucks at the NBA.com store. however, the choices are only down to crash and DJ. home and away.

    they DO offer our beloved Morrison in the old orange for a mere 19.99! pretty good for a swingman jersey.

    and you could get a replica for 35 on there as well.

  3. Where the hell has Ross been? We've been waiting for him to chime in with his unique analysis for quite some time. And I'm holding out for a Saudi Prince owner myself. Can you imagine what kind of "Pleasure Palace Locker Room" that guy would build? Can you imagine the FAs that we'd be able to recruit with a stable of high dollar prostitutes hanging out in the training room every night?


    Agreed but would you say that he "beasted it" or does he still have a ways to go?

    Lex did look good, though his plus/minus was something like -7.

    I love how the announcers are referring to 'Lex as "Alex Ajin-ka" these days. Kind of like when Jorge Bell transformed into "George Bell" overnight.

    In all seriousness, even though it was an exhibition, this may well have been the first "exhibition" of NBA skills from Alex and I would absolutely love to see him play this way all season long. The fact that Larry Brown has a personal stake in his development can do nothing but help the big fella.

  4. Ross

    Is there another gazallionare Russian out there who would love nothing more than to come to Charlotte with that money? Where are my rose colored glasses? it’s baskeball season! I’m predicting a Allan Bristow-esque 41-41, there that’s my positive prediction. My gut says that this team could go either way when the games start counting. Let’s give the Raymond Felton experiment 1 more year, whataya say.

  5. Ross

    Jody did you mean to say Ross posting up down low grabs another board? I’d beast them every night. What I lack in size I make up for with Charles Oakley tenacity. Too many what if’s in this Bobcats lineup. Is this team trying to compete? or are they trying to do just enough to remind people that there is an NBA team in Charlotte? C’mon where’s Bob Bass when we need him?

  6. Luke

    I'd have loved to watch the Bobcats on the Fox Sports network, but I live in South Carolina, which means I get poker instead of Bobcats hoops. F'n poker!

    @Cameron: That's just embarassing. ESPN used to make the same mistake all the time, but that was years ago.

  7. Jody

    Cameron, that is so brutal….Don't they have someone to review the clips before they are aired? That's like a few years ago when Skip Carey would call the Washington Nationals the Expos. Granted, he was old and drunk, but still, just read the scoreboard.

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