Shorthanded Bobcats Fall To Knicks


Charlotte Bobcats @ Knicks, 12/20/09

Wallace Sits, Jackson Leaves Early

The Charlotte Bobcats dropped another road game Sunday evening, this time 98-94 to the New York Knicks.  AP recap here, box score here.  Since defeating these same Knicks in Charlotte last Tuesday, the Bobcats have lost three in a row and now stand at 10-16 overall (1-12 road) and have fallen to 9th place in the Eastern Conference.  The Knicks, on the other hand, have won 6 of 8.

The big story for the Bobcats here is the Gerald Wallace was held out of the game after experiencing a severe headache.  Details are frankly sketchy, but it seems that Gerald must have complained of a headache sometime Sunday.  The training/coaching staff made the decision to hold him out, no doubt recognizing Gerald’s personal concussion history (along with the recent increased sensitivity to head injuries in the sports world in general).  Per Larry Brown’s postgame comments, Wallace (true to form) tried to convince the staff that he could play, but they stuck with their original decision.

Wallace looked OK on the bench, and at no time was it ever suggested that the headache was related to any recent blow to the head, so hopefully he’s back next game.  But it was certainly awkward for him to have to sit for a headache just a night after he questioned teammates’ effort.

With Wallace out, the Bobcats could have used big games from Stephen Jackson and Boris Diaw.  But Boris was limited due to foul trouble, and Jackson went out with back spasms in the third quarter.

Despite this, the Bobcats were able to hang around and make a run at it late in the fourth quarter.  The Knicks didn’t play particularly well, but they did take and make a lot of threes — 11-25 — which kept the Cats at bay.

Hot Mess Of A Finish

As noted, the Bobcats stayed within striking distance; and not surprisingly, the Knicks nudged the door open a little wider with several mistakes down the stretch.  Wilson Chandler threw the ball away with 30 seconds left and the Knicks only made 3-6 FTs after that.  But the Bobcats weren’t sharp enough to take advantage.  They didn’t close out on the Knicks’ 3-point shooters well, and Boris Diaw missed two threes with under a minute left, either of which would have been huge.

But the biggest boner was on the last play.  With no timeouts left and nine seconds on the clock, Danilo Gallinari made only one of two free throws to give the Knicks a two point lead.  Diaw had fouled out putting Gallinari on the line, so he’s done.  You want all your available penetrators and 3-point shooters on the floor in such a situation, right?  So maybe Felton, DJ, Flip and Gerald Henderson.  Probably one guy who could crash the boards, too, right?  Derrick Brown?

Instead, Larry Brown chose to take Acie freakin’ Law out of mothballs.  Not only that, but on the inbounds after Gallinari’s made free throw the Bobcats looked completely flummoxed and Acie Law ended up getting the ball.  Instead of getting it to Raymond, who had been very effective penetrating against the Knicks (lack of) interior D, Law took off.  Yes, the guy who has played 71 minutes all year and only 5 since being traded to the Bobcats a month ago is your go-to man with the game on the line.

Law weaved through traffic and made his way towards the rim, but never really got a great angle or enough separation from the Knicks’ defenders.  He also didn’t see Raymond Felton, who looked to be available for the kickout.  Law’s layup attempt was swatted away by Danilo Gallinari, who gladly atoned for his missed free throw.

In the postgame comments, Brown implied that Law was indeed supposed to get the ball, but that the hope was to penetrate and kickout for a game-winning three.  Really?  Acie Law?


  • Jonathan Bender took a nice step in his comeback, playing 15 minutes and hitting 3-3 3-pointers.
  • DJ has maybe kinda-sorta snapped out of his funk: 2-4 3PTs and 3 assists in 20 minutes.
  • Next game is Tuesday night at the Cable Box, hosting the Pistons at 7 PM ET.

18 thoughts on “Shorthanded Bobcats Fall To Knicks

  1. reggie

    if you watch those highlights, you will see that poor NBA IQ that Grahm has,


    you will also see the D not guarding the pick and roll properly. thats why there were so many open 3s.

  2. Even though Bonnell suggests that I blindly worship the ground that Larry Brown walks on, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the only difference between the Larry Brown Era and the Sam Vincent Era is that in the Sam Vincent Era the team had promising young players and future cap space.

    We are quickly approaching George Seifert territory here folks.

    Not like I'm hating on LB and MJ either. Just suck up the ego and hire the right assistants, scouts and CAP-ologists and put their focus on coaching and leadership.

  3. etothet

    I was glad to see Raymond step up and be effective when there were two major pieces missing from the puzzle. He played a hell of a game. 11 of 22 from the field, 9 rebounds, 7 assists, and 2 steals. I don't understand that last play with Acie Law but it is what it is.

  4. br2850


    Charlotte Gets:

    Micheal Beasley (Power Forward)

    Daequan Cook (Shooting Guard)

    Dorell Wright (Small Forward)

    Trade Exception: $2,374,680

    Miami Gets:

    D.J Augustine (Point Guard)

    Boris Diaw (Small Forward)

    Trade Exception: $1,362,120

    We get Micheal Beasley a good up and coming PF to replace a struggling Boris Diaw. Boris could have a great distributing role in Miami. Boris doesn't have a role in Charlotte anymore because of Jax has come and took the scoring/passing role. Augustine gets a fresh start on a team that only has two point guards and the style of play he played in college. Augustine can play starting point guard in Miami in front of Mario Chalmers or play behind him. We get Daequan Cook a shooting guard who needs a fresh start on a defensive minded team. He can shoot lights out at three and he is our second tallest PG/SG player on our team. Dorell Wright is somebody we can use when Gerald gets injured and all we have behind him is Derrick Brown. Both teams would love this trade and we can have a decent PF that Gerald Wallace won't call out every game.

  5. Jody

    Good call on the George Seifert comparison. I posted earlier that this is more of a hobby for LB than a job. Seriously, what's his motivation? Did he take the job as a favor to a fellow UNC alum(MJ)?" Like Seifert, LB has won a championship and really doesn't have anything to prove. It gives him something to do rather than sit around the house and grow old. Does he really think he can win with the Bobcats? More importantly, does he even care? Somebody just hit the reset button already.

  6. Newsinz

    The decision to put Acie Law out there for the final play had disaster written all over it. I'll never understand why Larry didn't just let Ray do what he was already doing (very well) all game long.

  7. br2850

    Nate wants to get traded to Boston here is a trade:

    Charlotte Gets:

    Eddie House (Point/Shooting Guard)

    New York Gets:

    D.J Augustine (Point Guard)
    Lester Hudson (Point/Shooting Guard)


    Nate Robinson (Point Guard)

  8. br2850

    Another Trade:

    Charlotte Gets:

    Beno Udrih (Point Guard)

    Rudy Fernandez (Shooting Guard)

    Nicholas Batum (Forward)

    Portland Gets:

    Spencer Hawes (Center)

    Boris Diaw (Power Forward)

    Sacramento Gets:

    Martell Webster (Small Forward)

    Jared Bayless (Point Guard)

    D.J. Augustine (Point Guard)

    Dante Cunningham (Forward)

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