5 Great Things About The New Bobcats Season


The Bobcats Season Is Here!

The season will begin just hours from now and I’m super excited. Gerald, Jack, Tyrus, DJ, and Boris get ready for a showdown in Dallas against Dirk and his crew. Man, I can’t wait. It’s been a long off-season, so let’s just get down to the best things to look forward to in this new season of Bobcats basketball.

#1.  Defense!

We’re all aware that the ‘Cats don’t dominate anyone by outscoring them. This team had the best defense in the league, and with another year of cohesion in Larry Brown’s system they can only improve. How many blocks will Tyrus and Gerald combine for this year?

#2. The Youth

Larry kept Derrick Brown and Gerald Henderson on the bench last season. Now, we’re gonna see those rookies of last season team with third-year point guard D.J. Augustin to infuse some new energy into the team. We haven’t seen the peak of any of their abilities, so this season should be full of surprises. Let’s see what happens when they get those fresh legs to spell Jack and Crash.

#3. The Next Trade

C’mon, it’s inevitable. Trading is a big part of the Charlotte Bobcats culture. In-season trades seem to be even more appealing to Larry Brown. When and what can we expect with the next player swap – that’s the constant question with this team.

#4. Crash Continues

Gerald Wallace is hitting the pinnacle of his career. After last season’s break out performance, we should expect to see Crash take that final step and become a dominant player. His defense is irreplaceable, but what if he made another stride offensively? This guy would be just about as good as it gets.

#5. Tyrus’ Turn

Can Tyrus Thomas make his doubters just shut the hell up? Will Larry Brown mold this guy into an All-Star? He has the physical tools. With the proper guidance, Tyrus just might be an amazing player. At the least, he’s going to be a fan favorite this season.

Tip-off is just hours away!

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