Blazers Use Depth to Hammer Bobcats 7-Man Rotation


Bobcats Baseline Observations: Charlotte @ Portland 2/1/10

No running diary tonight as I’m furiously preparing and packing for a trip to Western Australia (or “WA” as the locals call it).

Bobcats end a three game road winning streak against the Blazers at the Rose Garden 98-79.  AP recap here.  Box score here.

Simple Arithmetic

When you commit 21 turnovers on the road while launching a barrage of errant three pointers (6-23 for 26%) and allow your opponent to drop 53% shooting on you WITHOUT their best player AND their two centers, you are going to lose.  Bad.

The Bobcats (mostly) seven man rotation looked tired against a deep Portland team, settling for long jump shots and lazy passes.  Boris Diaw was a major culprit in the TO department, logging 5 while maintaining his “Laissez Faire” status.  Stephen Jackson and Flip Murray shot a combined 4-13 from behind the arc.  Ouch.

While it’s amazing that Portland can still trot out 9 quality players while missing three of their top 8 talents to injury (Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, Joel Pryzbilla), it’s perhaps more astonishing that Larry Brown insists on going with an EXTRA-abbreviated bench five games into a six game West Coast road trip.  The ‘Cats looked tired and uninterested for most of the game outside of a nice 10-0 rally late in the third.  Let’s hope that they were just saving their legs for another Lakers upset Wednesday night in LA.


  • For those of you hoping for a D.J. Augustin Renaissance, don’t hold your breath.  D.J. continues to turn the tables on an excellent rookie campaign.  17 minutes, 0-5 (0-4 from three), 2 assists, 1 turnover, -9 plus/minus.  I hope his Junior Rebound is as dramatic as his Sophomore Slump.
  • The Portland crowd is one of the top 3 in the League without a doubt.  It sounded like a Playoff game in there tonight.  Can’t help but believe the Bobcats players felt a little jealous hearing and seeing this.  C’mon Charlotte!  Let’s re-create the Hive!
  • The Blazers Nic Batum and Martell Webster, two players who have been mentioned in Bobcats trade rumors for years, played great tonight, torching the ‘Cats D from the outside for a combined 25 points.  The ‘Cats have never had one of those long, silky smooth jump shooters.  Wonder how long that will last?  Rod Higgidy-Higgins?  Anybody?
  • Not to keep ripping on D.J. but aside from Brook Lopez (I won’t go there again), we can now easily make the case that the team should have drafted Jerryd Bayless instead.  Bayless seems to be everything that Augustin isn’t: explosive scoring mini-2-guard who can drive and shoot.  At 6’3″, 200 Bayless is bigger than Augustin and much less of a defensive liability.  Seriously, Michael Jordan should bring in a specialist DRAFT DAY GM.  Isiah Thomas is out there somewhere in rehab.  Let’s do this!

Until next time…Enjoy the Loss Bobcats Fans…


4 thoughts on “Blazers Use Depth to Hammer Bobcats 7-Man Rotation

  1. Newsinz

    I've been want to ask this for a while, so I'll take this opportunity to focus on something besides this very frustrating game:

    The Bobcats warm-up routine looks very fun & entertaining, with Derrick Brown performing random "hype-up" routines while his teammates surround him, swaying back & forth. Is there any extended footage of this online, anyone? I'd love to see some kind of montage.

    OK, maybe just one sour note…4 shots in 41 minutes?! Is there such a thing as a DNP-PD?

  2. reggie

    Felton over DJ this summer. hate to say it.

    this game was very sloppy and flat–even though we made constant pushes to threaten the Blazers, but i hope we have our eyes focused on LA wednesday.

    by the way, have any of you ever taken the time to post in the ROF game threads? those are a great way to ease the pain of losses like these.

  3. The Bobcats played so drunk on Monday night. I'm sure they just hit a brewery around 1pm and had Gerald Henderson polish off the keg right before the national anthem.

    They couldn't move their feet, pass the ball, or even see straight. Did anyone catch how sloppy Flip Murray was moving? He never plays D, but he couldn't even find his man during that game. While Boris was plenty drunk himself, the other Cats movin' in slo-mo didn't exactly help him hit his targets.

    Hopefully, those guys slept it off in a posh LA hotel on Tuesday morning and have had enough time to sober up for tonight's game.

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