Bobcats and Pizza Hut target 29 year-old College Students in New Commercial


I’m a broke College Student…I doesn’t mean I have to eat like one.

This commercial runs 15 times or more during the Bobcats broadcasts on Fox SportsSouth. There has to be some sort of alliance between the Cats and the Hut for this strategic advertising redundancy.

I would like to share some thoughts regarding this ad…

1. The main actor looks older than me and I have a kid.

2. I thought they served Domino’s in the arena; not Pizza Hut.

3. I really like the shot (above) where the guys are so excited that they’re about to pee.

4. Does the main bro kinda look like Rufus or is that just me?


At my college, Appalachian State, there was this crazy Domino’s deal called “The Student Special” that was $12 (including tip)  for an XL 1 topping and an order of breadsticks. I was a broke college student. I ate like one.

Does the prevalence of this ad mean that Charlotte is a “college town”?

Does this college student look more like a 29 year old or 32 year old?

Are Wing Street wings delicious or garbage?

15 thoughts on “Bobcats and Pizza Hut target 29 year-old College Students in New Commercial

  1. Matt:

    To clarify, the total price of the Student Special at the Boone Domino's was $10.49 including tax. We gave the delivery dude $12 total resulting in a $1.51 tip for his 0.1 mile drive to the ASU East dorm. I feel that is adequate for a tip in college. Am I wrong?

    I'm a broke college student. It doesn't mean I have to tip like one.

  2. Matt

    Delivery charge is NOT a tip charge…….so you you STIFFING your drivers in college… without the tips it isn’t worth doing… so appreciate us.

  3. Newsinz

    As a part time delivery guy myself, I’m always appreciative of anything extra. I’ve been in doorways while the recipient stood there with their hand out, waiting for exact change…down to the penny. So, the $1.00 delivery charge is not to be taken for granted. Tips are par for the course, but unfortunately, NOT mandatory.

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  5. Jody

    I think the Pizza Hut wings are tops as far as pizza places go Deesdale. I'm biased though as I used to deliver pizzas for Pizza Hut. As far as tips go, I didn't always get money as a tip. Sometimes I was invited inside the customer's home for a bong rip. Those were the best tips.

  6. Matt

    yeah… sorry i just want to clarify about tipping. I spoke(wrote) a little stronger than i should have, but (and also i had a bad night)way too many people assume that the delivery charge is for the driver(a small portion does to cover gas) or they simple believe they are entitled. True they aren't mandatory and really end the end it is the attitude that matters. I have had a 30 cent tip where it was clear they could hardly give that and said they wish they could do more that meant as much or more than some 5 dollar ones. anyway sorry to send the thread this direction but maybe more people will appreciate it for what it is. (which really isn't that much in a hundred year view.)

    Appreciate your blogging of the bobcats and the insight that is about more than the boxscore.


  7. jack b

    Go Mountaineers!

    I dunno what all this talk about Domino’s is about… Hungry Howie’s is THE late night cheap pizza delivery in Boone. Like $6 for a large on Wacky Wednesday? Please

  8. No worries Matt, I love the direction of this thread. I try to tip well; not tipping well just seems like some bullshit cheapskate power trip.

    When I was in school in Columbia at USC, pizza choice was Papa Johns, but wings were from Wing Zone. Wings from a pizza joint? Don't truss it. Anyways, coupons from Zipsheet were the bomb. Zipsheet!? Zipsheet!?

    And if you're ever in Cincinnati, check out this little delivery place near UC campus called Adriatico's. Would occasionally go in to pick up my pizza and they might as well have just had the bong out next to the pizza making station — America's most blunted pizza shop? Pizza good, too.

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