Bobcats Have Stephen Jackson At Peak Value

Charlotte Has Rehabilitated Stephen Jackson's Image

Charlotte Has Rehabilitated Stephen Jackson's Image

Can The Bobcats Make A Move This Summer?

The NBA’s most anticipated Free Agency period has begun. With the Cavaliers fourth loss to the Celtics, the Lebron watch was on. Within the last month, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer, and Lebron James have entered the summer with suitors all over the league scheming to draw up contracts.

The Charlotte Bobcats won’t be in the hunt for any of those big names this summer. Basically, the Cats just don’t have the funds to chase the stars. But, we can’t be so quick to assume that the off-season will be quite for Charlotte. Since Larry Brown’s arrival, they may lead the league in player trades and acquisitions. So, it would be tough to bet against more roster moves, with or without Coach Brown.

So, what would be the Bobcats’ best chance at a roster upgrade this summer?

Considering that the Cats ranked as one of the league’s top defenses, offense would be the obvious focus of any roster move. Beyond the point guard position, this team could use another offensive contributor. Charlotte might not be courting Lebron, D-Wade or Joe Johnson, but they could be a facilitator for a team looking to rework their line up after acquiring one of these stars. Just as likely, the Bobcats might have a piece or two that could benefit a club that misses out on their free agent of choice. Maybe Jordan and his staff are in line to provide some consolation prizes, while upgrading the Bobcats.

If you missed out on Lebron James, what would you give for Gerald Wallace? If Joe Johnson bails for another town, Atlanta might appreciate Stephen Jackson? Could an aging club (Spurs / Celtics) find a use for young Gerald Henderson or Derrick Brown?

Despite finishing with their best season in franchise history, Michael Jordan and Larry Brown won’t be satisfied with a single Playoff run (which was a quick sweep). These guys will want to see improvement, and a couple of sly moves this summer could position the team for years of success. The best move that this team could make starts with their most valuable asset. GM Rod Higgins should scramble to get the most return for a top trade asset, before that player’s value begins to slip. The team’s obvious top two options are Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson.

Wallace is coming off a career year, full of recognition and praise. He’s also become a fan favorite and may be just too important for the club to trade away. “Crash” has several good years left, and has loyal supporters in Jordan and Brown. On the other hand, Stephen Jackson is still the new guy in town, and might be looking over the horizon to the downturn of his career from here.  Considering the previous state of his reputation, it was impressive to see how he served as the leader of the Bobcats within days of his arrival. Still, his game might slide quickly and he’s likely at the peak of his trade value this summer. Charlotte has done a superb job to quietly rehab Jackson’s image and improve their investment in him. Although his temper could be a distraction, the Bobcats have treated it as “passion.” With the lackadaisical way that T-Mac hits the court, doesn’t “passion” look like a pretty great quality these days?

Will Stephen Jackson be traded this summer?

It would serve Charlotte well to focus on the portrayal of Jackson as the experienced veteran scorer , who stepped into town and led a new club to their first Playoff appearance. His well-documented past will weigh on him wherever he goes, but the bigger risk might lie ahead in the future  – when a new coach will have the task of managing “Jack” on a roster as his skills start to fade.

Is now the best time to trade Stephen Jackson?  It appears so. Will the Bobcats look to trade him this summer? It’s more likely than not that Jordan and Higgins will “explore the option.” The big question is – what can Charlotte gain in exchange for their most valuable trade asset?

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10 thoughts on “Bobcats Have Stephen Jackson At Peak Value

  1. leroy

    if nets happen to get the 1st pick…
    would trading captain jax for devin harris possible?

    and use the 5 almost 6m salary that felton left off to sign a combo guard and a 3pt shooter like….randy foye and jj??

    what do you guys think??

    btw. how do i post images on this reply?

  2. spectre

    I would be all over a Jax for Harris swap (or Boris, or…anyone but Crash), but I think it's going to take a heckuva lot more than the time he's spent with us to up his value in spite of his reputation. We got him for pretty much nothing (they didn't even get all expirings!) and I doubt we could get that much now. Jax is known for having a honeymoon with his new team for about a year before the wheels eventually come off.

    Which I'm highly concerned about if LB doesn't come back.

    I think Crash is worth more to us than virtually anything we could get back. The talent might be equal, but the fans would really look negatively at trading him…probably making the team take a step back in the gains they got in attendance this past season.

    I don't think Hendo has any value.

    With us against the cap ourselves I don't think we could help facilitate anything either…but our FO has worked magic before.

  3. br2850

    I don't think trading Jax this year will help us at all. If u think about we have a chance at getting Chris Bosh. Chris wants to play for a team that will make the playoffs and he also wants to be the vocal point of team he will play for. We might not get him by just signing him but come draft time or any other time we could easily get a sign & trade done with Toronto. AND DID ALL OF YOU FORGET ABOUT DAVID LEE. Next to Gerald he is the MOST underrated star in the league. If we cant score Chris then we can easily give David Lee a mid-level contract for 5 years and we will have a real chance at 50-55 wins and a second round appearance!!!

    David Lee or Chris Bosh !!!

  4. Agreed. Jax is more valuable to the 'Cats than anything that they could realistically get back for him. I'm for having him come back with LB for one more season and then shopping him in the summer of '11 as the last piece of a puzzle for a title contender.

    The Playoff series showed us who the only guys on the team are that matter: JAX, Crash and (in spurts) Tyrus Thomas, Raymond Felton and Larry Hughes. The rest of the players are interchangeable.

    I think you have to try and build the team around Crash & JAX and supplement them with:

    a.) Tough defending, consistent jump shooting PG.

    b.) Consistent low post scoring.

    c.) Re-sign Flip Murray (a more consistent bench scorer) and let Hughes walk.

  5. Bcat2.0

    I like the idea of resigning Flip. I think he would have helped alot in the playoffs because he can create his own offense. Plus hes cheap. I think we should try to resign Felton over Tyrus Im not to big on the other FA PGs. I like Derrick Brown I think he could give us good mins at PF. Best case senario for the offseason we Trade Diaw or Tyson Chandler.

  6. RobC

    We should trade Mohammed and maybe Henderson for TJ Ford, also an expiring contrat after next season. He would be able to fit the bill during this next season and that will give the Cats over $21.5M in cap space for next season, without going over the Tax this season. That is the best move right now, plus resign Tyrus Thomas, Stephen Graham and Flip Murray.

    TJ Ford / DJ Augustine

    Jackson / Flip / Graham*

    Wallace / Brown / Graham*

    Diaw / Thomas / Brown

    Chandler / Diop / Ajinca

    We can even resign Ratliff for one more season. With that team, we can make the playoffs for a 2nd straight year, stay under the luxury cap and still have $23+M in Cap space next season (Ford $8.5+Chandler$12.7+Ajinca$1.5). That would be enoough to provide Gerald and Jax with another Star Player and a quality player.

  7. RobC

    Another option could be to convince New Orleans to trade with us again. They need a SF urgent that can score and not too expensive. Stephen Jackson fit that bill perfect. Plus they have Collins who looks to be the future PG of the Team and he proved he can play at an All-Star level if given the chance.

    Can we trade Jackson, Mohamed and 2014 Pick for Chris Paul & Sean Marks?

    Not sure how real that might be, but New Orleans will have a Playoff Team, cap space, and a 1st Rd Pick to play with.

    Collison – Thornton – Jackson – West – Okafor
    with Mo Pete – Peja – Posey – Mohamed from the bench.
    That is a pretty good team, specially now that they are in transition.

    The Cats can then try to sign John Salmons ($24M/3Yrs), and Flip Murray and/or Stephen Graham.

    They’ll have: Paul – Salmons – Wallace – Diaw – Chandler
    with DJ – Flip – Graham/Brown – Thomas – Diop From the bench.
    That is a great team and we solved the Jax/Diaw issue. However, we’ll be like $5M over the Tax (after Salmons), I’m not sure if Jordan will do that.

    Next season We’ll have about $12M in Cap Space and plenty of reasons to bring a top player to the Team, plus Diaw will be a $9M expiring contract, by the time KG, D Williams, Mo Williams, A Jamison and many other will be free agents.

  8. evan wiesel

    the bobcats are not going to trade stephen jackson. if you think they will you clearly have not been following the bobcats season.

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