Bobcats Offer Kind Deal to Dominic McGuire



Dominic McGuire has been signed by the Charlotte Bobcats.

Nicknamed “D-Mac”, the 6-9 McGuire was selected by the Wizards with the 47th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft. In three NBA seasons, McGuire has played in 200 games, averaging 2.4 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.2 assists in 15.4 minutes.

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22 thoughts on “Bobcats Offer Kind Deal to Dominic McGuire

  1. carter

    As a starter in 2008-09 he had pretty good numbers. 5.5 points, 6.4 rebounds, 3.3 assists and 1.1 blocks per game in ~25 minutes. He might be a good bargain. I have no weed references to make, sorry.

  2. wes75

    With the addition of McGuire, I believe we are getting closer and closer to the departure of Boris. Can't say I'll be sad to see him go, what with the potential that Tyrus showed towards the end of last season.

  3. disclosure

    Another sign Boris will be moved. The rumor is that CLT will part with GW and Boris to add Carmelo. This would be a painful trade for Bobcat fans, but would probably be best for the franchise.

  4. @Mr Uptown +1

    Charlotte’s getting close to having a pretty strong squad for the next High Times rec league: Muggsy, Anthony “Buddha” Frederick, Dom McGuire, and Robert “Chief” Parrish. Just need a 2 guard now.

  5. D-Mac should bag a few more rebounds and will be expected to score much less under Coach Brown. Not sure he’ll be dishing dimes, but he can be good to bang amongst the trees.

  6. Yea – I was a Theo Ratliff fan, too. Hope he can win a ring with the Lakers.

    I guess the Cats looked at their options at Center and thought that they were old enough with Nazr, Gana, and possibly resigning Dampier.

  7. RobC

    I'm starting to get worried with our current roster, unfortunately is not better than last years team. I'm just hoping that MJ is working on a deal and maybe waiting until Sept 15, when Dampier, Carroll and Najera can be traded without restriction. That would still give the Bobcats about 3 weeks before training camp to get the team together.






    I guess the primary prospects to be out the door are: Dampier and Diaw. If that the case, we should resign Graham or Flip and get a decent Center and a good PG in return. I'm still thinking Washington Wizards (Arenas/McGee/Blatche and/or 2Rd Pick) for Dampier/Diaw/Diop. If they add Blatche, we can add DJ and/or Henderson, and use Blatche in the Center spot. Then resign Graham & Flip or Collins.






    This team under Larry Brown, could become a serious contender. It reminds me a little bit of the 2004-2005 Detroit Pistons.

    How realistic is that deal…well, that is the big question!!!

  8. Jody

    @Dr. E could J.R. Ryder play the 2 guard for the High Times rec league team? Would the team be sponsored by Infinity's End?

  9. wes75


    that team sounds great, if only Sept. 15th would get here in a hurry so we can see if that is the real plan or not. sure hope so, only i'd put flip in front of carroll.

  10. Charlie

    that trade with wizards would never happen. Blatche is better than Diaw alone, Mcgee is better than Dampier, Arenas is better than almost all of league is except 15 players tops. Wizards wont be getting rid of their young guys because they are the future. Have you seen Mcgee lately? hes not going anywhere.

  11. Charlie

    and Mcguire is low key solid. He never turns ball over and does all the dirty hustle plays that gerald wont because D-Mac is on court. He is athletic 6'9-6'10 that can rebound, play good D, and hit the mini jumper. He is better than Najera and if Diaw is traded for a better Center than D-Mac will be backup.. However I dont think people realize how important Diaw is to bobcats, must unselfish person on team and helps out alot through that skill of his and can defend the center position extremely well. He needs to stay on team. Observer had good article about it, worth reading

  12. Charlie –

    The Wizards would do that deal because they are getting out of the $64M-ish left on Arenas' contract AND they get $13M in free cap space in Dampier. Diaw hasn't played well alongside Jack because both players need the ball in their hands to succeed. Washington could also use a versatile forward.

    Charlotte can also include DJ or GH to sweeten the deal. The only sad part is that we have to wait until September 15 – a week or so until training camp – until they can trade Dampier with another player.

  13. unccbobcatfan

    I think the wizards getting John Wall proves that they are probably going to try and get rid of Arenas, so it might not take as much as people think. That trade is more likely to happen than the trade for Paul.

  14. charlie

    I would agree they would get rid of arenas, however getting rid of Blatche and McGee is their future. They are young rebuilding team and Blatche and McGee are two of their key pieces. McGee is untouchable, he is very active big man with phenomenal athleticism, great attitude and has unlimited potential, wizards will not get rid of him at all. Wizards would get rid of Arenas only but not blatche and McGee so NO they would not make that trade.. Only person who would is David Kahn because he is an idiot

  15. RobC


    I really doubt that "both" Blatche and McGee will be included,but one of them can easily be included. The main reason, is because the Wizards will NEED to give up a little something in exchange for someone taking over Arenas HUGE contract (including the injury risk).

    And to be honest with you, the guy most likely to be shipped out is Blatche. Flip Saunders don't like Blatche and Flip is like Larry Brown in that aspect. When he doesn't like a player, it becomes a trading chip, however, the Bobcats are on of the very few teams who can and are willing to take on Arenas contract.

  16. wes75

    The Bobcats desperately need one of these PG's: Nelson, Paul, Bayless, Ellis, or Arenas.

    Any one of these players would be an upgrade at the PG position from Felton last year, then all they would need is a quality center that has the ability to give them 10/10 each night.

  17. charlie

    flip saunders doesnt like blatche? i dont believe you at all because playing a guy 38-40 minutes a game last year after trade deadline means you like him. Blatche is real real real solid power forward who does everything. Wizards are not getting rid of him. Bobcats tried to get him last year for DJ and they turned it down when they NEEDED PG. they arent trading him

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