Bobcats Schedule Released : Season Prediction


The Bobcats 2010-2011 Game Schedule Is Out!

The Charlotte Bobcats have released their calendar for the upcoming NBA season, and now we have just short of 3 months to mull it over. Whenever the league rolls out the run-down of games, fans can use their team’s schedule as a rough sketch for expectations.

View the Bobcats new schedule

Last year, I browsed over Charlotte’s schedule and considered the state of the team versus each competitor to make a loose prediction that they’d win about 36 games or so. I’m happy that my pessimism was overcome by Rod Higgins’ efforts to snag Captain Jack from the Warriors and Larry Brown’s friendly deal with the Spurs for Theo Ratliff.  The Bobcats far exceeded my expectations last season.

After taking an estimated guess with some “analysis” of next season’s schedule, I’m betting that the Bobcats are on the path for another 40-45 win season. This should keep them around the 7th or 8th spot of in the Eastern Conference. So, it looks like more Playoff basketball in Charlotte next April.

How could the Bobcats improve their record from last season?

Michael Jordan and the management crew have an appetite for mid-season upgrades. Will they be able to clear some cap space, to take advantage of another club’s troubles next year? This type of move could bring a Point Guard, if DJ Augustin look to be in too far over his head at the start of the season.

Can fans still hold out hope that the Cats have a masterpiece of deal lined up involving Erick(a) Dampier? Or, can we expect Dampier to stick with the team after they waive him?


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13 thoughts on “Bobcats Schedule Released : Season Prediction

  1. I should note that the stretch leading up to the All-Star break will be big for the Bobcats.

    Miami, Dallas, Boston, Atlanta, Lakers, Chicago – all just two weeks before the break.

    The team could help themselves immensely by taking advantage of the clubs that have started packing for vacation a few days early (Atlanta / Lakers / Chicago).

  2. Spork

    Whatcha guys think about possibly getting Prince from the Pistons now that the Pistons have McGrady? I like the idea of having an additional long, athletic SF, who can also knock down the 3 ball, and spell Crash for 15 minutes a game. He isn't exactly what he used to be but he only has one year left on his contract so he'd be gone anyways. How does a straight up Dampier for Prince sound?

  3. Leroy

    I would rather push a trade to get a young prospect instead of getting an aging forward.

    now darren collison and chris paul is out of the mind. hopefully MJ can pull off something like arenas?

  4. Spork

    Lest ye forget that Prince played for LB back when LB was in DET.. Idk if we are necessarily "set" at the 3.. it's Wallace and maaaaaaaaaaybe Derrick Brown. DB showed flashes early last year but then LB kinda killed that mojo and ran the tires low on Jax and Crash. The pistons need a big to back up Ben Wallace and dampier could give them that (healthy)option. Plus, as I mentioned above, TP's contract is up after this year anyways so why not take a flyer? Maybe we could trade Diaw for Prince instead? They do need another playmaker.

    The Arenas trade is starting to look a little more feasible. I highly doubt they'll swing Mcgee so I'm not holding out for anything like this to happen though. If we could get Arenas and maybe Booker from the Wiz then I'd def like to see that happen.

  5. JHip

    We have an offer on the table of Tyson for Prince so obviously management wasn’t interested. Where does he even fit on our team? We are set at the 3 for years to come.

  6. RobC

    Arenas for Dampier, DJ and Diop would be a great deal for both sides, I would love to include Najera in that deal if possible. Then try to send Diaw to Golden State for Biedrins.

    The Bobcats can then sign Amundson for the rest of the MLE ($2.3M), and Stephen Graham and Josh Boone for the minimum. That would give the team a solid starting five and a pretty good bench.


    I honestly believe that with LB as a coach and a healthy Arenas the Bobcats can become a contender with that team. They will also be under the Luxury Tax if Najera is added in that deal.

  7. wes75

    now that is a team that i would love to see out on the floor, as long as LB can control Arenas, which i think he shouldn’t have a problem with

  8. Tyler

    i dont get why the wizards havent pushed to trade Arenas i mean they got Hinrich and John Wall what do they need Gilbert for SG?

  9. Jeremy Hipps

    and that is a team that has no financial flexibility for the forseeable future. Biedrins overpaid moreso than Diaw. Arenas would be a nice addition but if we trade Dampier, DJ & Diop we have one center in Nazr. Granted we add Biedrins but we have no wiggle room for anytime in the future. Our best hope is to hold serve and get back some cap flexibility. I’ve been saying this all summer. We would have been better off pre-Chandler trade looking forward to next season with a chance to tread water this season.

  10. Jared


    We would have been better off keeping Chandler (who plays at a position that we actually need help at) than to trade Damps for an $11 mil. bench player.

    As has been pointed out already, Prince just makes no sense on this team. We all know that he won a championship with LB, but how is he more useful to us than resigning Damp to a cheaper deal?

    We actually have a need at center and Damps would end up being paid a lot less than 11 mil.

  11. Agree with JHip: if there is a position we don’t really need to worry about, it’s 3 with Gerald Wallace and an improving and cost-effective Derrick Brown. 3 seems to be the easiest position in pro basketball to fill, anyways (i.e. there is always a ‘replacement-level type like Stephen Graham available for the minimum).

    Our big weaknesses are 1) PG and 2) overall relative lack of young talent and assets.

    I’m not enamored enough of Calderon (especially relative to his age and contract) to think it wise to get him. I’d rather give DJ his big chance this year, and if it doesn’t work out, go hunting for another PG via trade/FA or draft pick next summer.

    @Tyler Make no mistake, the Wiz will trade Arenas by the start of the season. I just don’t think they’re in any rush. I would imagine they are waiting until another team (NYY, Orlando?) gets desperate enough to compete/contend that they’d be willing to take Arenas on without also demanding one of the Wiz’s young talents/assets (McGee, Blatche) along with him.

  12. RobC

    Jeremy Hipps –

    You are right that a team like that will have short/none financial flexibility for the next 3 years the most. However, there are none real free agents available to the Bobcats in the next 3 years. Do you really think that Carmelo Anthony, Tony Parker or Deron Williams will play in Charlotte? That’s about as good as it gets for the next 3-4 years. Tim Duncan is old, Nowitzki resign, Yao is thinking retirement, J-Rich is out of the question and Al Horford won’t be an option.

    The truth is that for the next 2-3 years, there are NO impact free agents that the Bobcats could realistically sign, unless they show the NBA world that they are a legitimate contender. A team like that will be a legitimate contender for the next 2-3 years and then they can rebuild. By then the only big contracts would be: Tyrus Thomas who will be in his prime, Arenas & Biedrins who will be talented players with expiring contracts (big assets). Yes is a risky move, but is a High Risk/High Reward move. Plus, the Bobcats won’t be over the Luxury Tax.

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