Bobcats Score 2K Sports Sponsorship Deal


Jordan Lines Up Another Deal, The Endorsement Kind.

Jordan Returns - In a Video Game

It looks like MJ convinced video game producer 2K Sports to swing some cash his way for lending his face to the cover for their upcoming NBA 2K11. The Sporting News is reporting that 2K Sports has an agreement with the Bobcats for screen graphics and signage throughout Time Warner Cable Arena, but more notably the company will hold its release of the new NBA 2K11 during the Bobcats home opener this coming season. Who knows what a video game release is all about, but this kind of buzz can’t really hurt the team. This is exactly the kind of stuff that Jordan brings as an owner. It might not be as awesome as a deal for Chris Paul, but I bet the Bobcats can win the Finals this year on NBA 2K.

Here’s bit of the business-oriented story:

In early June, 2K Sports made Jordan the first former NBA player and the first team owner to be featured on the cover of a 2K video game. Jordan also is included in the “NBA 2K11” game along with other former NBA pros.

The company’s deal with the Bobcats signals the continued effort to meld the team’s brand more closely with Jordan’s personal endorsement portfolio. Hanes, Gatorade and Jordan Brand are other Jordan-endorsed companies that have done deals in the past with the Bobcats.

Let’s hope they make Rufus look real good in the game!

I’ve got to admit that I play the hell out of NBA 2K10, so this news might only be “blogworthy” to me. (Yeah, that’s right – I blog and play video games. My girlfriend sure is proud.)


7 thoughts on “Bobcats Score 2K Sports Sponsorship Deal

  1. Jody

    Worried that the cover of this game seems entry level.
    What does MJ’s personal brand say about him?
    Is MJ happy?
    Did MJ go to the Pitchfork festival and have a meaningful experience?
    Did MJ ride the chillwave listening to Steve Aoki?

  2. This is really great news. The kind of thing that I hope we see more of in the future. MJ parlaying his brand recognition into the Bobcats can only do great things for the franchise on and off the court.


    The cover was conceived as “MJ in Ibitha” an original work by LTJ Bukem.


    Girls are always on the lookout for grown men who fan-blog about the NBA and play lots of video games. I’m sure her friends are all insanely jealous.
    …oops, have to go, my mom just informed me that it’s “PB&J TIME!”

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