Bobcats Secure Tyrus Thomas For 5 Years/$40 Million


The Charlotte Bobcats have accomplished one of their primary goals of the offseason in signing restricted free agent Tyrus Thomas to a 5 year/$40 million contract (Yahoo | Bonnell/Observer).

Media reports in recent days had indicated that Thomas preferred to resign with the Bobcats (nothing wrong with drinking the Larry Brown kool-aid) and the Cats had been pretty transparent in their desire to keep Thomas.

Beyond the fact that they had given up Flip Murray and a future first round pick to obtain Thomas at the trading deadline (meaning that he would have been a very expensive rental), Thomas is young, upside player on a squad where “young” and “upside” are in short supply.  He played quite well for the Cats down the stretch.  He’s a long, athletic, “Larry-Brown-type-of-guy”; accordingly, Brown has specifically mentioned that he is looking forward to helping Thomas continue to develop.

However, the fear that another team with ample cap space could swoop in with a deal that Thomas couldn’t refuse was well-founded.  The Knicks, Nets and Clippers had plenty of room after striking out on the Lebacle.  Of particular concern was the possibility that someone could offer a “poison-pill” front-loaded contract that the Bobcats wouldn’t be able to match without going over the luxury tax line for 2010-11.

You have to read between the lines to figure out exactly how it went down (so this is speculation) but from the sounds of it, the Bobcats had a reasonable dollar amount and contract structure in mind.  Most importantly, Thomas wanted to stay; however, he needed to make sure no team was going to throw silly money at him.

The New Jersey Nets (in a great show of confidence in their lottery pick PF Derrick Favors) were apparently the most interested other team, and they did indeed offer Thomas a front-loaded contract that would have been difficult for the Cats to match outright.  However, the general range of the Nets offer must have assured Thomas that the Bobcats’ proposed numbers were in line with his market value, so he’s signing with the Cats.

Again, that’s speculation.  Maybe he considered the New Jersey offer more seriously?  Maybe the Cats had to re-raise with a better offer after hearing New Jersey’s?  Either way, the Cats have accomplished an important goal for the offseason in keeping him.

What remains to be seen is what else the Cats can do to remix and upgrade the roster.  Tyson Chandler’s big expiring contract is a strong contender to be moved.  The Cats would likely be looking to shore up the PG spot, while lowering their overall payroll.  Easier said than done…

-Dr. E

28 thoughts on “Bobcats Secure Tyrus Thomas For 5 Years/$40 Million

  1. Spork

    Thanks for the Twitter info =D

    So what do people think of possibly adding Booby Gibson or Sebastian Telfair in a trade with the Cavs? Or possibly trading Diaw for Jet Terry or Ben gordon? I know they're smaller scorers but I'd much prefer getting one of them and getting rid of Diop in the process. At this point even Chandler is more attractive than the black shrek…..

  2. Dr. Spalding

    I really wonder if Toronto would accept a trade of Diaw for Jarret Jack and Reggie Evans? With Bosh gone they could use another 4. Jack is good enough to be our starter, and Evans would be an average but solid reserve PF behind Tyrus. Neither is star material but would be a decent option.

    I'd prefer to deal Diaw to Washington for Hinrich, but I doubt they want to part with him. Al Jefferson and Sessions for Chandler and Henderson is probably the biggest high risk/high reward deal we could possibly pull off. They want a SG, and I'd hate to part with Hendo, but he might be just the kind of prospect they'd like in their new configuration. I think AJ could start at the 5. We could hopefully sign a backup 2 (maybe get Flip back?!).

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