Bucks’ Mascot Attempts Ultimate Stunt to Get Back at Rufus


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an article on their Bucks Blog that includes this incredible video of their Mascot “Bango” performing a stunt during a recent Playoff game…

This is the most incredible Mascot stunt I have ever seen for the following reasons…

1. Balancing on top of a ladder that tall is very hard.

2. Doing a backflip off a ladder and landing on your back is painful.

3. Getting up and doing a handspring is insane.

This next video features Bango, Super Hugo and Rufus during the 2009 All-Star game. Apparently, Bango had to have surgery as a result of this stunt…leading us to believe that the “Ultimate Stunt” was an attempt to get back at Rufus for contributing to his injury.

If a second-rate mascot banked a shot off my crotch in front of a huge crowd I would be pretty motivated to reclaim my image.

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