Charlotte DJ Composes “Bobcats Playoff Anthem”


Click to Listen to the Bobcats Playoff Anthem

Charlotte-based mixmaster DJ Complete has put together a stellar track in honor of the Bobcats’ first playoff appearance. The song name drops most of the major players…

GWallace, AllStar status. “Makin’ Love to Pressure” Steve Jack is the baddest.

Can’t forget Ray Ray, call em “Mr. Everywhere”. Boris Diaw takes it to the rack he ain’t never scared.

And our opponents don’t like us; probably cuz they’re gettin’ blocked by Theo and Tyrus.

Tyson and Nazr holdin’ down the middle. Augustin’s and Graham’s shots hotter than a griddle.

According to his Facebook page, the song will be played at all the remaining home games and he will be DJing courtside the Arena for all of the  Home Playoff Games.

You can Download the full track from DJ Complete’s website.

9 thoughts on “Charlotte DJ Composes “Bobcats Playoff Anthem”

  1. leroy

    playoff spot clutched…

    yet gerald henderson is still not playing plus 38 minutes for gerald wallace

    good job coach

  2. br2850

    This beat is sick where can I really download it because when you click download it just takes you to another page and just plays the song.

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