Charlotte’s Dampier Day Is Here


The Charlotte Bobcats’ Key Offseason Asset Will Likely Be Dealt Soon

Over and over this summer, we’ve heard that the Bobcats could package up Erick Dampier’s rare $13 million expiring contract to help acquire another talent to strengthen their roster for the upcoming season. Initially, it seemed as though the club would have been fine to simply waive Dampier, get under the luxury tax level and then resign the veteran Center for a bargain deal.  The 6′ 11″ Dampier wasn’t too interested in working out such a sweet deal with Jordan and the Cats, and Charlotte had to bring in another big man for security – Kwame Brown. Due to NBA rules, the Bobcats were unable to combine Dampier with another player in a trade for a period of 60 days. That period is over on Monday, September 13th.

Now, the clock is ticking and it appears that the Bobcats have two options.

Option 1: Pick Up The Phone.

Charlotte can work their tails off to line up a deal (likely involving multiple teams) to get some type of return for Dampier’s expiring contract. For many teams, the contract could be the fastest way to get their finances in order. Such an asset could help a team initiate a “rebuilding cycle” or simply get below the luxury tax level while assembling a championship contender. At the moment, the Bobcats seem interested in testing the waters to determine if they can benefit more by getting a solid player in return for Dampier’s rare contract terms.

Option 2:  Waive & Save.

The Bobcats can waive Dampier, taking advantage of his expiring deal to get their own financial house in order. After letting Dampier go, the team could focus their efforts to trade Boris Diaw or Nazr Mohammed (who is in the last year of his deal) in exchange for any necessary roster pieces.

Can They Screw This Up?

Ultimately, the only thing the Bobcats could really do wrong would be to pick up a bad contract in exchange for Dampier. Charlotte tends to swap a lot of players and take on financial baggage along the way. This is an opportunity for Charlotte to straighten out a few of their missteps and get their financial footing for their next wave of building a better team.

POLL : What Should Bobcats Do With Erick Dampier?

  • Waive & Save $13 Mill
    (16%, 35 Votes)
  • Waive & Resign
    (12%, 26 Votes)
  • Trade For Point Guard
    (55%, 124 Votes)
  • Trade For Draft Picks (17%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 224

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32 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Dampier Day Is Here

  1. Leroy

    I was just wondering on the internet and realized that we signed shaun livingston for 3 years. unless there are different plans, i think we possibly making him our starting pg sooner or later, seeing him play last year with the thunders gave me tons of confidence in him over DJ….lol but anyway, pg problem should be solved if not upgraded.

  2. Leroy


    next try again
    but i will highly doubt if kings is willing to give up their young talents.

    besides jason thompson, they haved picked whiteside and cousins in this year draft. since they foresee the problem of ADD in whiteside and are willing to fix him with their medical staff, i doubt that they will give him up.

    and once again, diop is garbage, golden states will not want him for biedrins.

    even tough kings is in rebuild mode, they have a strong base of prospects like evans, whiteside, cousins, i think they wouold rather give up hawes rather than thompson.

    i heard warriors owner is trying to get rid of monta because of stephen curry though. but i dont wanna see jackson and monta on the same court since both of them need the ball

  3. RobC

    So Javaris crittenton has been invited to training camp. Now if they could also invite Earl Barron, that would be great. I truly believe he deserves a chance to prove himself, and judging by late last season, he is better that all of our current C, plus he can play PF as well.

    I like Crittenton over Collins. I would love to give Collins a chance, but Crittenton has some experience, size and defends better. Also, I don’t like the idea of having 2 PG under 6 foot, enough with DJ (whom I believe will do good as a starter). I also agree and like the fact that this will increase the level of competition in training camp.

    I would rather have Earl Barron & Javaris Crittenton in the team, than McGuire & Collins.

    PG: Augustine – Livingston – Crittenton
    SG: Jackson – Henderson – Carroll
    SF: Wallace – D.Brown – Najera
    PF: Thomas – Diaw – Barron
    C: Mohammed – K.Brown – Diop

    That should/could be the final Bobcats roster to begin the season. I think that team can be better than last season. 1.) We’ll have Jackson & Thomas since the beginning; 2.) Defense is still pretty good, maybe Top 5 or 7; 3.) Offense is definetly better than last season; and 4.) There’s significant youth, versatility and athleticism in that roster.

  4. Leroy


    bobcats is involve with 4 team trade with nets and jazz

    nets get: Melo, DJ
    bobcats get:DEVIN HARRIS!!!!!! Jarvis Hayes!!!!
    jazz get:DIAW, Quinton Ross
    denver get: AK47, derrick favors, few 1st round picks

    oh my god, devin can prove himself once again in charlotte, he was definitely an all star! and jarvis hayes will give us constant fire power on the court and some rest to captain jax and crash!

    good job MJ!

  5. RobC

    How about if the Cats include DJ to the Nets and Nazr plus Najera to Denver for Nene & Balkman. That would give the Nuggets a ton of cap space, next summer. I would guess this deal means Denver is definetly rebuilding.

    The Cats would be:


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