Feeling Nostalgic? Charlotte Considers Baron Davis


Baron Davis - Charlotte Hornets

Well, the Cats are in the course of another mid-season overhaul after the departure of Larry Brown. It looks like owner Michael Jordan had seen enough of the losing, and had been pushed to the limit of bickering with Brown about how to run this team. Now, the Bobcats have made the low-risk decision to give Paul Silas a chance to show us if he can still coach at an NBA level. We’re still not sure how the team will respond to the change or Silas’ style, but it’s clear that the team wasn’t going to play any better under Larry Brown. It should be nice for Jordan to have a grateful coach around for a while. I’m sure Silas will have his opinions, but it’s likely that he’ll work to say all the right things in order to get a real contract after this season.

Now, it looks like a few more changes are on the horizon for Charlotte basketball. Yahoo! Sports’ full-time “hater” and NBA columnist, Adrian Wojnarowski just typed and published a report about a potential trade between the Bobcats and the L.A. Clippers. So for all of you out there needing a little more nostalgia about the old (ex-Charlotte) Hornets, an early Christmas present might be coming to town – former fan-favorite, and always-injured point guard Baron Davis! Yep, Paul Silas reuniting with Baron Davis. Probably didn’t see that coming in 2010-2011, did you?

Wojnarowski’s  rumor goes like this – Bobcats will send promising offensive talent D.J. Augustin, misfit shooter Matt Carroll, and rarely-used backup center Desagana Diop to the Los Angeles Clippers. In return, the Los Angeles Clippers will send Baron Davis, an aging, injury-riddled point guard that is about a decade past his prime. Don’t get me wrong, here. I really loved watching Davis play in his last season in Golden State. He was dominant during their Playoff run, and so was J-Rich, and so was Stephen Jackson. But, that train has left and none of those players are what they were as a team several seasons back.

I’m excited about the coaching change for the team. Considering the state of things, I’m open to changes on the roster, too. But, taking on a player with a big contract at the end of his career seems like a big mistake. Nothing can go well in a trade between organizations as confused as the Clippers and the Bobcats. Two wrongs, can’t make a right. Can they?


9 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic? Charlotte Considers Baron Davis

  1. Jason

    Two wrongs do make a right when you’re multiplying. I say bring BD back so he can have an “Eff you, Donald Sterling” end to his year, revive Capt. Jack, and keep Huggy Bear his job. Then Stern renames New Orleans, gives the Hornets moniker back to Charlotte, and Golden State deals Curry for G. Wallace/Davis’s expiring contract. Sound good?

  2. I just went to the clippers vs houston game yesterday….dude can’t even make open jumpers plus he is MUCH slower than before…bringing in a veteran point guard to lead the team might not be wrong…but he is definietly not the one….its sad that people all around me yelling to have bledsoe come off the bench LOL

    but if kaman is in the deal and diop and matt carroll(who was our starting SG yesterday night LOL) away, i would go for it since dj augustin….as much as he can develop, he will probably not gonna be an all star

  3. chris in u.c.

    That would give us two p.g. with bad knees:-( Give DJ one more try with Silas (hire Mugsy to work with him. Trade the Jaxovirus straight up for Rip Hamilton. Hey Silas, DEFEND THE 3.

  4. Mr. International

    So in order to get a has-been PG, we have to give up our never-will-be point guard. Lose-Lose, it’s the Bobcats way.

    Also, I never want to hear the word promising associated with D.J. Augustin ever again. The boy is undersized trash.

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